Man putting on shaving cream

Manscaping used to be associated with vanity and was the opposite of masculinity. You have to look like an unkempt caveman in order to be considered a “real man.” This old way of thinking no longer has a place in society as more and more guys are looking into grooming their body hair.

It’s all about cleanliness and neatness! And if you’ve cut your hair or shaved your beard, then you’ve already been practicing manscaping to a certain degree. There is no right or wrong way of doing it – it all depends on your own personal preference! Whether you want a hair-free back and still want to maintain a hairy chest is entirely up to you. 

Here are some tips and best practices for the next time you decide to groom your hair.

Using a Razor

A razor is the most popular tool of choice when it comes to grooming body hair. You can easily buy one or a pack at the supermarket or drugstore. There are also different brands and types that are going to fit your needs, so it pays to look around.

Use different razors per body part

Don’t use the razor for your face when you’re shaving your chest, back, or other parts of your body. It’s unhygienic and you risk getting an infection should you cut yourself while you manscape. You can buy colored razors and assign each to a specific body part. Remember to change the blades with each session, too! 

Use a pre-shave or shaving cream

Always prep your skin before shaving! Pre-shave or a shaving cream protects your skin, especially since razors may cause irritation. These also make hair softer, so it’s easier to remove from your body.

Don’t rush

Take your time when manscaping. Go slow and shave with light, gentle strokes. You wouldn’t want a bloody session, right? Always shave in the direction of your hair growth to avoid bumps and ingrown hair. Don’t forget to pat on some moisturizer or petroleum jelly after! This step helps soothe skin, replenish moisture, and add an extra layer of protection to prevent skin irritation.

Invest in a Body Trimmer

This piece of equipment is best for the chest, neck, and back area, or any part of your body which you’d like to keep a bit of hair on. It lets you achieve a “fade,” which is a pretty popular haircut for guys – you might be sporting one yourself! 

Choose one that has different settings and interchangeable blades. Similar to the razor, it’s important to assign a blade for a particular body part to avoid cross-contamination and infections. Get one that’s easily washable so you can clean after every use.

Try Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are chemically designed to target the root follicles of your hair, breaking them down so it’s easier to remove with a washcloth. It cuts down grooming time significantly and hair growth isn’t as prickly or irritating as when you shave.

There are different brands to choose from, so it’s best if you buy a small box and do a patch test first. Put the cream on a small portion of your body (like the back of your ear or under the jaw) and if you don’t get an allergic reaction, then you’re good to go!

Get Good Quality Scissors

Put down the kitchen scissors! Invest in one that’s used for trimming or grooming. Like razors, get different pairs for each body part and make sure to disinfect with each use. Use a comb to untangle the hair and even out the cut, and don’t cut too close to the skin. It’s always better to trim at a longer length first and cut more up to your desired length. Before cutting your , make sure to shampoo with Dove Men+Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo as dirty hair can be greasy and bogged down with the product.

When all else fails and you feel like you won’t be able to do a good job at manscaping, you can always consult professional groomers! Work with them to know what’s the best strategy for your body and personality. Or enlist the help of your wife, girlfriend, or partner, especially with grooming your eyebrows or armpits, or hard-to-reach places like your back.

Don’t be afraid to do body grooming and make the best out of it by following these steps and sharing this article with your friends!