An Asian man getting a face massage

Have you ever indulged in a self-care session? It’s quite unheard of for most guys, but to look and feel good, men also need to set aside time for some much-needed . It’s not considered vain nor feminine--think of it as your way of taking good care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So, the next time you’re feeling stressed and don’t know how to unwind, here are easy tips you can try.

1. Indulge Yourself in a Bubble Bath

We know that most people are so used to hearing or seeing women pamper themselves that you may kind of (slightly) cringe at the idea of men practicing self-care routines. The concept of long hot baths and applying can sound a bit embarrassing for some dudes, when, in fact, it shouldn’t be. Self-care habits are important for you to look and feel good. It lets you rest and recharge — allowing you to become your healthiest and happiest. And when you’re healthy and happy, this manifests in everything — from your career to your love life.

Take a bath with Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Wash to effectively wash away bacteria and leave your skin feeling cool, comfortable, and clean.

2. Take Care of Your Skin

Rituals or regimens that include good grooming and skincare are now considered essential in living a healthy lifestyle.

Holistically, self-care activities allow you to have a better disposition because you look and feel good. You’ll be more confident, able to deal with stress better, and even inspire other guys to adopt the same helpful habits.

seems to be a priority for most of us these days — as it should be — which is great because clear, healthy skin isn’t just about looking good. Keeping your skin healthy means, you’re protecting the body against germs as well as potential damage to your bones, muscles, and even organs.

Your daily ritual should include washing your face at least twice (morning and evening) using a cleanser that soothes tired skin. Don't be afraid to try men's brightening face cream or at least a face wash.

POND’S Men Energy Charge Brightening + Anti-Dullness Facial Foam has coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol that energizes tired-looking skin. To take it to the next level, apply a facial toner after washing your face to further clear the skin of impurities and give your skin that glowing appeal. For your last skincare step, don’t forget to moisturize! Moisturizing keeps your face hydrated, prevents dryness, and slows down signs of aging.

4. Get Up and Start Moving

Get off your couch and get some exercise. You don’t need to spend money on gym memberships — just jog around your community to get some cardio. As another alternative, try bodyweight exercises: push-ups, squats, or planks. Even just 30 minutes of physical movements can help you shed off unwanted pounds, release endorphins to boost your mood, and even give your skin a healthy complexion.

If you need a reminder or an extra boost of motivation, try downloading apps where you can see your progress like MyFitnessPal or Nike Training Club. You can also form a workout group with your friends so you can support and push each other.

5. Enjoy Quiet Moments Every Morning (or Night)

Meditating even for just a few minutes can have tremendous benefits to your overall health. All you need is to find a quiet nook inside your house. Sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe. This is great in calming your nerves, especially if you’ve had a hard day or if your last video call meeting was a disaster.

No matter how busy your days are, it’s essential to always find time for a self-care session because this will be crucial in ensuring you’re always at the top of your game: a confident, reinvigorated, good-looking guy. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out other articles on MANifesto!