A portrait of man doing triceps pulldowns with a machine at the gym.

Measuring your fitness progress, especially within only a few months of following a new workout routine, can be tricky. The human body doesn’t buff up overnight and numbers on the scale don't always paint an accurate picture.

Factors like age and genetics affect how quickly and visibly your body transforms. So, it’s safe to say that and weight loss are not the only signs of fitness. In fact, the real changes are often happening behind the scenes. Here, we uncover different ways to know whether your workout routine is doing its job.

Your Workout Routine Feels Easier

The first week of doing a new exercise is arguably the hardest. A might leave you gasping for air. Every step feels heavier than the last. But it's completely normal as long as pain isn't involved. Your muscles and cardiovascular system are still adapting to work more effectively, and they will get stronger the more you stick to your workout routine. Before you know it, you’ll be able to run longer and faster.

When your training begins to feel monotonous, it’s a sign to add variety. For example, you can alternate between cardio and weightlifting sessions throughout the week. Research has found that mixing up your workout routine yields better results in terms of and size. It also helps reduce the risk of injuries from repetitive strains and prevent plateaus in your progress.

You’re Excited for More Challenges

You can tell your workout is, well, working when you’re looking forward to doing it day after day. There’s something off whenever you skip a session, and it’s not guilt – it’s because you crave the thrill of pushing yourself. This shift in your attitude is a big sign of mental progress. It means you’ve found an activity that you genuinely enjoy and can commit to.

Gone are the days of forcing yourself out of bed to do your . The thought of picking up a weight no longer drags you down. Instead, you can’t wait to go back to the gym and set new personal records.

You’re Full of Energy

Strangely enough, regular exercise makes you less tired. While you may feel soreness, research says that a moderate-intensity training program can and increase energy levels. The science behind it is pretty straightforward.

When you put your muscles to work, they create more mitochondria (you know, the powerhouse of cells) to keep up with the increased demand. These newly formed organelles convert glucose from into fuel. In addition, exercising boosts blood flow and oxygen circulation in the muscles, which makes you full of energy.

To reap this benefit, try scheduling a workout early in the day or in the afternoon when you need a pick-me-up. Protect your underarms from sweat and BO throughout your daily routine with Rexona Men Motionsense Roll On Invisible Dry or Rexona Men Motionsense Roll On Deodorant Ice Cool. The former has a stain-free formula that doesn’t leave white or yellow blots on your clothes, and the latter gives a cooling sensation to keep you fresh for hours with regular use.

You Sleep Like a Rock

According to a 2023 study, are less likely to take sleeping pills. In other words, the more you move your body, the easier it is to catch some quality z’s. So where’s the connection? First, staying in fitness mode plays a role in synchronizing your , also known as the circadian rhythm, with external cues such as daylight and darkness. As a result, you have better sleep with less frequent wakings.

Beyond that, your body experiences a temporary rise in temperature during exercises. This spike is followed by a drop a few hours later, signaling your body that it’s bedtime. So, if your sleep has been deeper and longer, your workout routine is hitting the mark.

You Can Finish Work Much Faster

Mental alertness and sharpness are also telltale signs that you’re a step closer to your fitness goals. As multiple studies suggest, different forms of physical activities can and in adults. Here’s how: Regular exercise triggers your body to grow new blood vessels in the brain, which promotes neurogenesis – the formation of new brain cells. Moreover, it stimulates the release of neurotransmitters, including endorphins that .

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Don’t be discouraged if your biceps are not getting bigger or your abs are still non-existent. As plenty of research has shown, the touchstone of a solid workout routine is more than what you can see in the mirror. So keep at it and stay patient.