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It looks like your makeshift home office is going to be a permanent one. Surveys by numerous local and international employment and career platforms continue to reveal that working from home, even in a hybrid scenario, is the preferred setup by most workers. This means it’s time to invest in decent home office essentials: think standing desks, better speakers, and maybe even a ring light.

Working from home surged in the last two years. But there are more reasons why many people believe it’s a more practical alternative – it saves on resources, particularly time and energy, and allows for more flexibility. There are cons, too. This often-mentioned flexibility can cross over to overworking. In some instances, the lines between personal and professional lives get blurred.

Having a designated workstation versus sitting on your bed with a laptop on your lap can help alleviate these problems. It can establish a distance between your work and home life and help you mentally clock out ­– which can help with balance and avoiding burnout.

So, with this in mind, how can you create a conducive home office? You don’t need a huge space or even a dedicated room (not everyone has a spare room, after all). You just need to make a few adjustments.

1. Think About a Standing Desk

Some people believe that work-life balance is a myth and that work-life integration is a much better goal amid current circumstances. Working smart means being able to know how to hit more birds with one stone.

A few years ago, the standing desk became all the rage for its perceived health — and consequently, mental — benefits. The simple adjustment of elevating your workspace and getting rid of your chair can help keep excess pounds at bay, improve posture, reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, and even remind you to take a break every once in a while.

According to a 2014 study in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, a standing desk can help you burn an extra 170 calories a day — which is pretty good for minimal effort.

If you can’t commit to a standing desk, there is also the option for sit-stand converters that you can just install on your existing table.

2. Get a Gamer Chair

If you prefer not to go for a full standing desk, invest in a comfortable gamer chair. There is a reason gamers can stay in place for 24 hours a day. While it's not advisable to sit down for that long, you can adopt their comfortable gaming chairs, keyboards, and other computer paraphernalia.

3. Place Your Work Station Near the Window

If your pad has a window, make sure to bring your desk closer to the light. Yes, it saves you the burden of a high electric bill. Bright light can help you become more productive. But something that a lamp can’t do that sunshine can is to remind you to keep appropriate hours. When it’s dark outside, then it’s time to move non-urgent things to the next day. Do you need to reply to that email at 11 p.m.? The recipient is probably asleep (like you should be)!

4. Adopt Some Plants

Do you know what’s going to look great next to your standing desk? A few pots of pothos! Yes, it is time to embrace your inner #Plantito. Having greenery around your home office isn’t just for the ’gram. According to a 2014 study by Cardiff University, plants improve productivity by a whopping 15%. The research also shows that employees with foliage are happier than those toiling in lean, bare spaces.

With your home office now rearranged to make you as productive as possible, it’s time to focus on yourself. Match your decked-out space with a super self-possessed demeanor. Spray AXE Deo Bodyspray Black before clocking in so you can feel great and be protected from for up to 48 hours. It doesn’t matter if your officemates can’t smell you from your home. They’ll sense your .

Standing desk? Check! Plants? Check! Body spray? Check! You’re ready to rock working from home forever.