Chris Pine with beard in a gray suit

Being able to grow facial hair is a rare ability for an Asian guy, so congrats on that! Now it’s time for the real challenge: maintaining it so it’s more Chris Pine and less Hagrid — way less Hagrid. If you’re one of the lucky gents who can easily sprout some facial hair, don’t squander that gift away by looking unkempt. As they say, with great power, comes great responsibility. So, here are some habits and hacks for keeping your beard looking fresh and tidy.

Trim It Regularly

Because beards grow pretty much, however, they want, trimming your beard regularly is a huge part of keeping it looking neat and deliberately styled. What you want is facial hair that looks like it’s there on purpose, not simply a result of a lack of interest in grooming. If you’re not confident about trimming your own beard, schedule regular appointments with your barber or stylist to keep your beard fresh.

You can also do it at home using a beard comb and a pair of scissors. When trimming, follow the natural contour of your face and keep the edges rounded — no wacky shapes, now. When in doubt, remember that “less is more” also applies to beard styling. Taking a small amount off the length makes a huge difference. Brushing your beard with a small comb will keep you from over-trimming.

Don’t Forget Your Neck!

The quickest path to looking haggard is having stray hair all over your neck. Even if you do pay attention to hygiene and personal grooming, it won’t matter if your neck hairs are in disarray. You shouldn’t even have them in the first place! Cleaning up your neckline with a beard trimmer every two weeks will do the trick. For the perfect measurements, stack your index and middle fingers above your Adam’s apple and start trimming from above your top finger. Start from your sideburns and follow a U-shape above this point. 

Pay Attention to Your Mustache

Your mustache may be a small part of your beard, but it plays a huge role in how groomed your beard looks. Because there are so many different mustache styles out there — handlebar, plumber, Dali, to name a few — we’ll leave it up to you to choose which one fits you best. After all, rocking a mustache is all about confidence. Let the energy of your mustache take over. Just make sure to trim it diagonally following the natural shape of your mouth. Never trim your mustache straight across. 

Keep Your Skin Healthy

A beard and oily skin? Not the most ideal combination. Aside from the excess sebum produced by your skin, your beard can gather other debris throughout the day. This includes dirt and bacteria that can encourage acne breakouts. The extra layer of hair may also hinder the natural exfoliation process, leading to dead skin cells that can clog your pores. 

If you’re acne-prone, wash your face with Master Anti Pimple Facial Wash. This acne-fighting wash controls oil for up to eight hours and prevents blackheads and whiteheads with antibacterial agents. After washing, wick away excess oil and dirt with Master Deep Cleanser Brightening Plus, which deeply cleanses pores to help prevent breakouts. 

Keeping your facial hair well-groomed and fresh-looking doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow the tips above so you and your beard can live your best lives.