A steaming cup of coffee stands next to coffee beans.

Coffee goes beyond being a morning essential. Did you know that the benefits of caffeine extend to your skin? Don’t be surprised. After all, caffeine has made its way into skincare products, especially those that promote skin rejuvenation. Learn more about this ingredient's skin-improving perks and how to get them.

Caffeine Fights Oxidative Damage

Being outdoors, under the sun, and can harm your skin. The air may contain free radicals that can damage skin cells and cause premature aging by breaking down collagen. One of the main benefits of caffeine in skincare is its ability to protect the skin from these aggressors.

Caffeine has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals while reversing any damage to the skin. Antioxidants can neutralize these unsavory substances and switch them off, preventing them from attacking your cells. According to the , caffeine can also help protect the skin from UV radiation and slow down photoaging. 

Free radicals are nearly impossible to avoid these days, so practicing skin care with caffeine is one way to ward them off.

Caffeine Is an Excellent De-Puffer

Have you ever temporarily cured a hangover by drinking coffee? Coffee can provide relief from a headache because of its vasoconstrictive properties. It reduces blood flow and alleviates nerve pressure to ease the pain.

Similarly, these vasoconstrictive benefits also help the skin. Caffeine can help depuff your face, reduce redness, and calm inflammation when applied through skin care. It can perk up the physical effects of a lack of sleep. However, for dark circles, you might want to grab some eye cream. 

Caffeine Brightens the Skin 

Among the most sought-after benefits of caffeine is skin brightening. It can "wake up" the skin thanks to its ability to constrict blood flow. While this effect is temporary, it does accrue over time.

Because of its antioxidant properties, long-term use of caffeine in skin care and reduces inflammation, making your face appear brighter.

Getting the Benefits of Caffeine

There are two ways to reap the skin benefits of caffeine. Nope, don't chug coffee all day (it's bad for your skin and can leave you dehydrated).

You can take coffee grounds and use them to exfoliate your skin. It rejuvenates, softens, and smoothens your skin. Find used beans that dissolve fast and mix them with water before scrubbing your skin. Do this only every two weeks or your skin might get inflamed. If you have , better skip this trick.

For a simpler solution, try caffeine-infused products, like POND'S Men Facial Wash Energy Charge. It revives tired-looking skin instantly and also repairs damage from stress, late nights, and exposure to UV rays.

You can alternate this with Master All-Day Active Clay Wash Acne Fight, which offers its own set of benefits. Its active charcoal ingredients effectively fight 99.9% of germs to help and control oil while giving you an even skin tone.

Ready to get all the skin benefits of caffeine? Pick your products and start looking your best, I.e. more awake!