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There are stark differences between male and female skin. Based on a 2018 comparative study in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology, male skin is thicker and more elastic thanks to more collagen. However, younger men tend to have more hydrated skin, although this lessens with age—on the other hand, the opposite happens to women. You are also more inclined to have oilier skin except in the forehead region, which goes to women. With these differences, you can glean that men and women encounter different skin problems.

Here are some of the most common hurdles men have to face when it comes to skincare.

You’re Going to Stress About Acne More

Acne doesn’t discriminate when it comes to sex. After all, numerous factors, such as hormones, diet, and dirt, affect the overactive oil glands that trigger acne. However, numerous studies prove that men produce more oil on their skin. According to a 2018 study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, while sebum offers waterproofing and lubrication that protects the skin, too much sebum production is associated with enlarged pores in men and can contribute to acne.

Use facial wash diligently in your grooming routine. POND’S Men Acne Solution Anti-Acne Face Wash has Lock & Clear Technology that targets acne-causing bacteria and fights them long after washing your face. You can also try Master Clay Facial Wash Cool Rush, an all-in-one product that manages grease and helps prevent pimples.

Close Shave? That’s a Skin Problem

Men shave their faces more than women. However, constant shaving can cause redness, dryness, irritation, ingrown hair, and razor bumps. Worse consequences can be folliculitis, which happens when the hair follicles become inflamed from infection, or hyperreactivity, when the skin becomes incredibly sensitive.

Shave with the right tools, starting with your razor. Throw out your six-month-old blade. To avoid infection or other issues, use a fresh, clean, and sharp razor. Follow it up with alcohol-free aftershave and add petroleum jelly to give your skin a protective layer. You can even use Vaseline to relieve cuts and nicks.

Sun Damage and Sunburn

Results from a 2013 survey by the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology show that men were less inclined to apply sunscreen on the face and other exposed skin areas. This means that you’re exposing yourself to numerous sun-related skin problems.

According to the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology study, your thicker skin and higher collagen content make you more susceptible to sun damage. Other studies also indicate that women’s skin restores itself better from damage than men—probably because of their more diligent skincare.

Rough Skin and Fine Lines

You might shrug away a sunburn, but you can also experience pigmentation issues, wrinkling, decreased elasticity (don’t waste that collagen, dude!), and cancer. Use moisturizer to soften the skin and keep wrinkles at bay.

While there are some physiological reasons behind men’s common skin problems, you can prevent—or at least manage—them with a minimal if not proper skincare regimen. Fortunately, men are starting to get it. U.S. surveys in 2013 and 2018 reveal that more men are using moisturizers. Seriously, boy, it’s 2021. Slap on the SPF, even when you’re just playing video games.