Asian man in his 30s smiling at the beach

Products that fight the signs of aging aren’t just about getting rid of wrinkles. They’re also about strengthening the skin, which starts to lose elasticity once you hit your 40s. Skin becomes dry and rough because of decreased cell renewal, sebum production, and accrued sun damage. 

Aging affects different parts of the body. In the skin, it can manifest as wrinkles or sun damage. In hair, it’s thinning, brittle hair. While in the mouth, it’s weak gums and teeth. If you’re constantly exposed to the sun or are a heavy smoker, you could also experience premature aging in your 30s. Catch these signs of aging early on with these products.

Get Strong, Healthy Skin

If you’re always busy working with your hands, playing mechanics, and doing chores that need a bit of heavy lifting, your skin is going to need a little help. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, exposure to the elements, such as extreme temperatures, UV radiation, chemical agents, constant friction, and pressure can weaken the skin’s integrity. It can cause contact dermatitis and dryness, which can lead to more irritation and speed up skin aging. 

Get extra protection with skincare products that nourish and strengthen the skin. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Wash effectively washes away bacteria and germs while protecting skin from dryness with Micromoisture technology. The result is refreshed skin that’s also comfortably moisturized and protected from irritation. 

Don’t skip the moisturizer! Dove Men+Care Ultra Hydra Cream is an ultra-hydrating formula that absorbs fast and smells light and clean. Ideal for men with dry skin, this moisturizer locks hydration in the skin, strengthening the skin barrier.

Fight Weak Strands and Thinning Hair

The most common signs of aging in hair include , graying, and dry, brittle strands. Using a shampoo that smoothens the hair shaft while preventing breakage can also help boost volume and shine. Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo is a two-in-one fortifying formula that makes hair visibly thicker and stronger. It’s also enriched with caffeine and calcium, which strengthens hair from root to end.

Boost Your Pogi Points with a Bright Smile

Did you know that your mouth also changes as you age? Based on Harvard Health, age increases the likelihood of tooth decay, gum disease, mouth infections, and tooth loss. Signs of an aging mouth include teeth discoloration, receding gums, and lack of saliva. Therefore, as you grow older, focus on your oral health, particularly gum and cavity protection.

Keep your teeth and gums young and healthy with closeup Natural Smile Toothpaste. It restores a smile to natural brightness with lemon essence and sea salt, prioritizing gum protection teeth lightening. Use a cavity protection toothpaste like closeup All Around Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste, which also keeps gums healthy. It has silica and zinc anti-bacterial mouthwash, which give you cavity protection, lift plaque, and prevent tooth decay.

Always feel Fresh, Energized, and Youthful

Youth is all in the mind, right? Feel revitalized and invigorated 24/7 with refreshing . When it comes to deo spray, men should look for products that fight body odor and manage sweat.

Axe Deo Body Spray Dark Temptation is formulated with a dual-action technology that fights odor-causing bacteria for 48 hours while delivering a high-definition dark chocolate scent. For a deo spray that also strengthens the skin, try Dove Men+Care Deodorant Spray Clean Comfort. It's a mild deodorant for sensitive skin, with a clinically proven non-irritating formula that is 100% alcohol-free. It also soothes and conditions skin with Triple Moisturizing technology.

Whether it's to fight the signs of aging or upgrade your use these products to elevate your daily regimen and make you feel your best.