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Most guys think of dandruff as solely a scalp problem. However, did you know that you can develop eyebrow dandruff? Dandruff, also known to the medical community as seborrheic dermatitis, is caused by a yeast-like organism that grows in areas with a high concentration of oil glands. These areas include the scalp, the back of the ears, and yes, the central area of the face.

According to experts, this type of yeast is relatively harmless and often doesn’t pose any actual problems. However, people — most especially adult men and older individuals — may experience flare-ups due to stress or by staying too long in dry and cold environments such as air-conditioned rooms. These flare-ups can result in excess flaking and itching, which can become a cause of social discomfort.

That said, here are some ways to treat and eliminate eyebrow dandruff:

Use an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Because eyebrow dandruff is caused by the organism as the one in your scalp, experts believe that using an anti-dandruff shampoo can help clear up flaking in your brows. Just apply some of the product onto your brow area, let it sit for a bit to let the ingredients penetrate the skin, then lather and rinse.

Some of the ingredients you should look out for are salicylic acid, zinc, ketoconazole, and selenium sulfide. These are all proven to be effective when it comes to   and are also known to be safe even for general, everyday use.

Wash Your Face Frequently

It’s no secret that men’s faces are more prone to , which is why experts often recommend regularly cleansing it. Washing your face flushes away sweat, dirt, and impurities that accumulate on your skin throughout the day. On top of this, regularly washing your face also keeps your yeast count low, thus preventing any eyebrow dandruff flare-ups from occurring.

When washing your face, remember to use products that address problems such as excess oil which can trigger itchiness and flakiness in your brows. Some of the products you can use are Master Brightening Plus Deep Cleanser and Master Brightening Plus Facial Wash. These two products contain the patented cooling ZEROIL formula, which controls oil for up to eight hours and leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. They also contain potent anti-bacterial agents and micro scrubs that help remove deep-seated dirt and excess oil from your skin.

Learn to Chill and De-Stress

Chill. Don’t stress yourself out too much. Stress, according to experts, can cause imbalances in your body, which can lead to eyebrow dandruff and other skin problems. Because of this, you always try to regulate your stress levels by pursuing hobbies such as sports that can help you release your tensions in a healthy manner. Doing this will not only bring benefits to your skin but also, your .

Eyebrow dandruff can be a potentially embarrassing problem for guys. However, it is also something that can be easily treated with the help of small changes in one’s self-care routines.