Asian man on bike

Cycling never goes out of style. From the training wheels and tricycles of your youth to the banana-boat seats and BMXs of your teens to the fancier customized road bikes that you probably see so many people riding around these days – cycling is a fun physical activity whatever your age. If you haven’t joined the biking bandwagon yet, here are the health benefits of biking to make you start pedaling.

Easy on Your Joints

One of the reasons cycling is such a great exercise is that it caters to fitness newbies and veterans. It is also fun and nostalgic – thanks to all those years of biking in your childhood, making it a great exercise gateway.

Cycling is also low impact. Unlike other cardio exercises, like , or burpees, it doesn't strain your muscles and joints. If you’re looking for a sustainable workout program, then you will enjoy the health benefits of biking!

Promises a Complete Workout

You don’t need to join a spinning class to work all your muscles when you ride a bike. As long as you have proper form, it covers all your major muscle groups. For example, when you do climbs, you activate your legs, heart, and core. Many trainers have also designed around your bike!

Helps Your Overall Health

Keeping and building stronger legs are the most obvious health benefits of biking. However, it's just the tip of the iceberg. According to the study “Health Benefits of Cycling: A Systematic Review,” strong evidence supports a lower risk for cancer, obesity, and coronary heart disease morbidity and mortality.

Improves Mental Health

Just like other exercises, biking has tremendous mental health perks. In 2019, British researchers studied cognitive changes in 73 indoor cyclists. The scientists tested the participants' memories, focus, reaction times, and other executive functions.

Results suggest that those who cycled for at least 1.5 hours can process and understand information correctly. They also have a happier disposition. However, the study also recommends that the mental benefits of cycling could even be better outdoors. So, grab your helmet and your sunblock and head for Antipolo.

Works for All Personalities

You can cycle solo or in a group. If you feel pensive or stressed, you can hop on your stationary bike and clear your head. If you want a wholesome social hour, you can gather your biking friends and cruise to Manila Bay. The biking community is typically friendly and encouraging, and you can strike up friendships over tips, gear, and trails.

For all of the health benefits of biking, it’s not particularly good for your skin. Whether you’re cycling indoors or outdoors, sweat, dirt, and , especially on your face. Don’t forget to use POND'S Men Facial Wash Energy Charge after. It cleans skin and repairs damage from stress and UV exposure. Make it a part of your biking routine as you do your helmet.