Man checking his face in the mirror to look for acne.

You probably know a thing or two about pimples by now, thanks to your years. These formidable foes can sense panic and have a knack for appearing at the worst possible moment. But not all breakouts are equal. Some disappear after a few days, while others, such as inflammatory acne, refuse to back down without a fight.

If you’re currently at your boiling point over a zit attack, we’ve got you covered. Scroll on to learn more about inflammatory acne and how to calm your skin down in a jiffy. 

What Is Inflammatory Acne?

Three things can describe inflammatory acne: red, swollen, and a major hassle. It rears its ugly head when the pores get clogged with oil, dead skin, and acne-causing bacteria (Cutibacterium acnes, to be specific). All this pressure eventually triggers the body to release white blood cells to the scene, which results in sore bumps that are clear as day.

Inflammatory acne can show up anywhere on your body, including , , and rear-end areas. The size and shape vary from one zit to another, depending on the type. Here’s a quick guide to identifying each of them:

  • Papules: A red-colored raised spot without pus. It can develop into pustules.
  • Pustules: Characterized by a red bump with pus or a white-colored tip.
  • Cystic acne: A large, fluid-filled lump budding under the skin that feels tender to the touch.
  • Nodule: It’s harder and more painful than cystic acne. The lesion can take months to heal and may leave a scar.

How to Prevent Inflammatory Acne from Stealing Your Thunder 

Breakouts can happen due to many factors. It could be a case of high testosterone. Sometimes, it might be . Regardless of the cause, you can always count on these tips whenever you find yourself in a spotty situation.

1. Put some ice on it.

Ice cubes are the secret to deflating raging pimples. The cold temperature restricts blood flow in the area, soothing any redness and swelling. Ice also has a numbing effect and helps visibly “shrink” your acne.

Be warned, though. Applying ice directly on the skin can lead to irritation, cold burn, and dryness. Always wrap it in a clean cloth or put it inside a Ziploc bag. Do the compress a few seconds at a time for five minutes max.

2. Choose anti-bacterial products.

Anti-bacterial agents can dial down the chaos brewing under your skin. These can target and control C. acnes overgrowth – the primary catalyst behind angry inflammatory acne.

Look for ingredients like salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that also cleanses your pores. You can find this powerhouse in POND'S Men Facial Wash Acne Solution with Thymol T essence to reduce inflammation. It features Lock & Clear Technology, which is clinically proven to beat acne in three days.

You can also use Master Deep Cleanser Oil Control Max to wash away excess grease on your mug. With Cooling ZEROil, it controls sebum for up to eight hours. Plus, it leaves your skin refreshed, even when it’s outside.

3. Keep your fingers away. 

As satisfying as it is, popping your zits only adds fuel to the fire. Your nails harbor tons of germs that can go deep into your skin, increasing the risk of infection. What started as pustules can quickly evolve into cysts!

Picking and scratching can also end in a nasty scar. And let’s face it, that pesky dark mark is much harder to get rid of than acne. So, use your hands for something more productive, like picking up a dumbbell for a killer .

4. Give your hair a good scrub.

The natural can travel down your forehead, carrying dirt and bacteria. The buildup from your hair styling products can also cause acne around the hairline. So, never skip a wash day no matter how busy you are, especially if your head feels itchy and flaky. When you do shampoo, take the time to rinse thoroughly.

5. Call a doctor. 

If push comes to shove, hit up a dermatologist. They’ll be able to pinpoint the exact cause and provide you with a detailed treatment plan. In an emergency, they can do a cortisone injection to flatten your acne bump within 24 hours.

Don’t let inflammatory acne shoot your confidence down. Just chill out and follow these tips. With some patience and determination, it won’t be long before you finally say sayonara to those little suckers.