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Have you ever been tempted to play micro Slip N Slide on your T zone? The T zone is the area that comprises the bottom half of your forehead all the way to your nose and chin. Having an oily T zone is a slippery slope toward acne. Regardless of your sex or gender, it has more sebaceous glands than the rest of your face, making it greasier, shinier, and more prone to zits.

Anyone who has combination or oily skin will deal with a slick T zone situation at some point in their life. However, an oily T zone is one of the most taxing of men’s skincare problems. As detailed in a 2015 study in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology explained that men have larger pores than women in the nose region. This, on top of the active oil glands, makes for Pimple City.

Fortunately, an oily T zone is predictable enough for you to get a handle on it. Just follow these slick steps to a non-slick face.

Wash Your Face Regularly

Adapt your face-washing habits to your oil levels. For example, if you fall under balanced skin, perhaps you can wash your face once or twice during your morning and evening skincare regimen. However, if your skin is on the greasier side, you may want to add a lunchtime wash in there, too.

POND’s Men Acne Solution Anti-Acne Face Wash has Lock & Clear Technology that deep-dives to up to three days after use. Squeeze a pea-sized amount on your finger and lather it on your damp face, zoning in your . Rinse thoroughly and enjoy fresh-feeling and matte skin.

Add Cleanser into Your Routine

When a face wash isn’t enough, toss a cleanser into the mix. Not only does it remove excess oil, but it also wipes off all the grime that accumulated on your face. Use a cleanser only once a day, ideally before going to bed, so that your skin can “breathe” and repair itself better as you sleep. In non-skincare terms, you don’t want the day’s debris to rub all over your pillows and sheets.

Pour Master Deep Cleanser Oil Control Max With Zero Oil onto a cotton pad. Gently rub it all over your face and neck. Repeat this process until the cotton comes away clean. It’s an antibacterial solution that rids your skin of deep-seated dirt and controls oil buildup for up to eight hours.

Avoid Overdoing Things

You might feel tempted to go overboard with the facial wash and the cleanser, but this strategy may backfire. Your skin produces oil for a reason—it offers lubrication and protection. It also helps preserve skin, delaying signs of aging, such as lines or wrinkles. When creating a  , you should just aim to remove the excess.

Over-cleansing can cause your skin to become dry, which will then lead to an entirely new myriad of issues. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that in cases of dehydrated skin, oil glands work in hyperdrive to compensate for the lack of moisture.

Now that you understand how the skin works, it is logical to follow up your cleansing with a lightweight moisturizer. It “tricks” the glands into believing that they’ve already done their job.

T zone troubles are nothing a consistent skincare regimen can’t handle. Just keep your nose clean—and your chin and forehead too—and you won’t have to deal with your slippery skin situation.