Young man touching his face while looking at the mirror

Good grooming isn’t just about taking care of your appearance, it’s also a matter of practicing proper personal hygiene to stay healthy physically, mentally, and even socially. It sounds like a lot, especially if you’re always sleeping through all three alarms you’ve set five minutes apart, but trust us, you don’t have to compromise just because you’re in a rush. Looking good doesn’t always need to take time. Get your men's toiletries ready because here's a quick guide for you.

Do Your Skin Care: 3 Minutes

We know what you’re thinking: I’ll just wash my face in the shower. Don’t. Washing your face in the shower with body soap won’t do your face any favors. Most body soaps are formulated to kill germs and often they’re too strong for the skin on your face, which is more sensitive than the skin on your body. Taking a few minutes to wash your face the right way is the foundation of a sound  

Start your day right with a refreshing facial wash or brightening serum for men. POND’S Men Face Wash Energy Charge has coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol that energizes tired, haggard skin. Take a pea-sized amount, lather it with water, and massage it on your face gently for 20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. 

If you like that squeaky clean feeling, use Master Deep Cleanser Brightening Plus, which removes any soap, dirt, and oil that’s left on your skin. Moisten a cotton ball and gently wipe it on your face. Don’t forget to rub it on the front and back of the neck as well for a more even clean. 

Optimize Your Shower Time: 10 Minutes

If don’t have time to spare for  , using a multitasking shower product is your best bet. If you use Dove Men+Care Fresh Body Wash, we’ll give you a free pass for being a neanderthal. Jokes aside, this is one product that is formulated specifically for this purpose: it’s gentle, moisturizing, and cleansing at the same time. Using Micromoisture technology that activates when it’s lathered, this body wash helps skin feel healthier and protects it against dryness. 

In your rush, don’t forget to shampoo. CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men rids your hair and scalp of grime and grease and uses its Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology to help prevent dandruff.

Protect Yourself from Body Odor: 1 Minute

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to smell good all day. Two sprays of Dove Men+Care Deodorant Spray Invisible Dry — one for each armpit — provides up to 48 hours of protection against odor and sweat. This non-irritating formula has ¼ moisturizing cream that conditions skin and goes on instantly dry for a clean, comfortable feel.

Take Care of Your Oral Health: 2 Minutes

No personal grooming routine is complete without brushing your teeth. For a healthy mouth and fresh breath, brush with closeup Red Hot Toothpaste. This antibacterial formula has micro-shine crystals that reach the deepest corners of the mouth and kill 99% of bacteria. It prevents cavities and gives you an instantly refreshed feeling. 

It only takes 16 minutes to practice a good grooming routine each day — so why skip it? Make it a habit now and see your confidence grow every day.