Young Asian man taking a photo with his phone giving the thumbs up against a blue background.

These days, a selfie can make or break your chances of landing that date. If you’re on dating apps, your display photo serves as your calling card. It speaks volumes even before you can get a chance to chat. The thing is, you usually need to take that photo yourself. Thankfully, all you need to pull off the perfect selfie is a phone, your face, and a . Try these selfie poses for men that won’t scare your prospects away.

1. Straight On

According to a on how to take a selfie, the faces that rate highest in attractiveness were those taken at a 15-degree angle tilted to the right. Faces that showed their right side were not only considered more attractive but also more intelligent.

Another thing to remember when taking your headshot is to look straight into the lens. Hold it at an angle far enough to make your neck and shoulders visible and get ready for her to hit the heart button. The best poses for men aren't really about the body, but the contact you make using your eyes. Want to look like you have a ? Take that selfie from a higher angle.

2. Cool Background

If you're running out of selfie ideas, know that a cool background, like a plane, concert stage, or exotic destination always works. In case you’re not anywhere interesting, a clean, bare wall also works. Stand about a foot or two from the wall and snap away. Pay attention to your lighting, too. Make sure the light isn't so harsh that it creates unflattering shadows.

3. OOTDs

You’re on your way out and notice your fire . Casually immortalize your outfit by standing in front of a mirror and taking a picture. Don’t overthink it – the less put-together it looks, the better. The idea is to make your shot look cool and casual instead of a GQ model’s (even if you can pass for one in what you’re wearing).

4. Hand Signs

Of all the selfie poses for men, this one is the easiest. Give a peace sign, a gang sign, or a wave. Do something with your hands and show followers your fun side with a goofy selfie. It's the perfect antidote to awkwardness, especially if you usually don’t know what to do with your hands in photos.

5. Pet Selfies

A of 1,000 individuals revealed that men pictured with a puppy appeared 13.4% more attractive than those without a furry friend. Therefore, it's one of the top selfie poses for men especially If selfies aren’t your thing. Your doggo will shield your shyness and serve as the perfect co-star. Proceed with caution though: they can easily steal the show.

6. Morning Selfie

The hashtag #WokeUpLikeThis isn’t exclusive to women. Rock your and lazy eyes with a look that will make your lady friends imagine slow mornings and breakfast in bed. A good morning selfie shouldn’t look styled. It is the one time you get a free pass for not making your bed, so make the most of it and snap that shot. 

You can keep your room looking unkempt and lived in, but the opposite is true for your face. Before you take a morning selfie, make sure you freshen up with POND'S Men Facial Wash Energy Charge first. Give your skin the boost it needs with the revitalizing infusion of coffee bean extracts, which are packed with antioxidants that repair skin damage from harmful UV rays, stress, late nights, and the occasional .

7. Mirror Selfie

Gone are the days when zooming in on your six-pack will score likes. Don’t cut your head out of the shot if you want to rack up engagement. Self-professed can sneak in a selfie with a visible view of the equipment or new space-age machines. Who knows, you might even land a sponsorship or two. Mirrors are everywhere – your car’s side mirrors or elevators are just a few examples.

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8. Barkada Selfie

There’s strength in numbers, my friend. A group shot of you and the boys will turn social media heads as it sends the message that you’re approachable, a team player, and probably even the leader of a pack. Whether or not you’re an introvert or have occasional loner tendencies, take that pic and let your bros do all the work.

No matter what selfie you end up taking, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Selfies are modern-day self-portraits, so regardless of what image you’re going for, don’t take them too seriously. With the help of these selfie poses for men, you’ll dominate everyone’s feed and have the ladies liking and swiping right nonstop.