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Your face will always be your tell. No matter how hard you hide or how well you handle stress, your battle scars will eventually reveal themselves. It could show up as acne, fine lines, bags under your eyes – and when your worries begin to manifest physically, that means you have to do something. You shouldn't take signs of anxiety lightly.

We all worry about things now and then. It's natural since we have bills to pay, a family to raise, and, generally, things to think about. But when your fears become permanent and disruptive, something has to be done. Knowing the signs of anxiety can help you manage and mitigate your stress better.

Different Kinds of Anxiety

The National Institute of Mental Health lists several types of anxiety disorders, such as:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Phobias

Each of these has its characteristics. However, there are common symptoms that could indicate crippling anxiety.


One of the signs of anxiety is being on edge. Restlessness is usually more common in children or teenagers who can’t fully express the extent of their stress. It manifests as a feeling of discomfort wherein you can’t seem to get past things.

Combat restlessness by refocusing your energy. Go out or to clear your head. You can do something productive, too, such as volunteering or trying new things.


Do you find your patience getting shorter and shorter? Are you easily overwhelmed, flustered, and upset? Anxious people find themselves with short tempers and are always close to blowing their fuse. When you feel yourself getting worked up, take a few deep breaths before reacting. It could calm you down and take you back.

You can also try mindfulness activities, such as meditation or breathing exercises. Do things that can take care of your .

Sleep Problems

Just as stress can show up on your skin, it also reveals itself in your sleep – or lack of. You may find yourself constantly tossing or turning. It may even be hours before you finally doze off. Even worse, you could have trouble staying asleep. You may find yourself waking up numerous times during the night, too. Or, you wake up feeling like you barely slept at all.

Don’t make things more challenging by watching TV or scrolling through your phone. After doing some grounding exercises, create a . Take a soothing bath, light scented candles, diffuse some lavender and chamomile, and switch off your devices.

Exhaustion and Fatigue

Well, you would be tired if you were not getting some proper sleep. Your restlessness doesn’t help matters when it comes to conserving energy.

There’s a hormonal side to the signs of anxiety. According to a Journal of Neuroscience paper, an anxious person is always on high alert. And when your adrenaline is flowing at full speed, you end up crashing, spent, and exhausted.

Use your energy more efficiently via exercise. Try to get as much rest as you can and, even though it’s hard, catch some zzzs!

Unexplained Aches and Pain

Are you experiencing migraines, headaches, or even stomach pain? According to Harvard Health, people who have anxiety or depression experience worse and longer-lasting pain than usual. These mental health concerns have been linked with fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, low back pain, headaches, and nerve pain.

Earlier research believed this discomfort was psychological. However, newer evidence suggests that physical pain shares similar biological mechanisms as anxiety and depression. Moreover, these two conditions inhibit serotonin and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that modulate pain, making it last longer.

You can relieve chronic pain and anxiety by getting regular massages, acupuncture, or even yoga. 

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Make sure to consult with a specialist if you find that your signs of anxiety are beyond your control.