Asian man in a suit putting his hand on a railing and looking out the window of a building.

Don’t listen to the haters – your baby face does have its perks. Seniority may be valued in most workplaces, but don’t underestimate the benefits of looking youthful. Here are some advantages that may help you get ahead.

1. You Look More Trustworthy

Has a colleague ever mistaken you for an intern? In the 1980s, researchers observed the "," which suggests that individuals with child-like physical features, such as large eyes or a small stature, are associated with corresponding personality traits. Your innocent, youthful appearance may inspire trust in others, which can be advantageous for career advancement, such as securing deals or .

2. It Makes You More Approachable

One of the best advantages of having a youthful-looking face is that it can make you seem friendly and open, which can be an asset in many workplaces. In customer service roles, for example, people may be more likely to approach you and ask for help if they feel comfortable around you. Seeming more approachable can also help you with your colleagues and create a more positive work environment.

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3. People Remember You

In many work environments where people can look stressed out and haggard, a baby face is a welcome sight. People may remember you because you look fresh compared to everybody else. This can be particularly useful if you’re or attending networking events where being memorable is crucial.

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4. People Think You're Playful and Creative

Guys in industries that value creativity, such as marketing, advertising, or design will benefit from a baby face since playfulness and creativity are often associated with looking young. Your coy demeanor can be an asset and keep you relevant even when you’re pushing ManCom-level age.

5. Older Colleagues Favour You

Let’s be honest: having a baby face means you're everyone's "baby." Not to say it makes you look incompetent, but having youthful features does make people want to help you. It brings out the nurturing side of your older colleagues, prompting them to look after you at work. This kind of dynamic can be beneficial in a mentorship situation or if you’re training for a higher role.

6. Ties You to Success

Baby-faced men have it easier. People see them as more attractive. People are also nicer to you! If you look like someone who can be trusted and depended on, there is a good chance people around you will root for you. Looking the part will get you a shot at playing it, so capitalize on your baby face and, most of all, do not abuse it.

The next time you look at your baby face in the mirror, remind yourself that you’ve got a good thing going on. The perks of looking younger far outweigh the downsides, so when someone at work tells you, “Parang inutusan ka lang bumili ng suka.” Make the most of it and show them what you’ve got.