A man applies shaving cream on his face while staring into a bathroom mirror.

For some men, wielding their shaving razor is a chore, done purely out of necessity. For others, it is a transformation, an enjoyable part of the routine that keeps them looking their best.

But no matter what you feel about shaving, one thing will always be true: if your razor is in bad shape, you will end up with a bad shave.

Just like and giving your car the proper maintenance, taking care of your razor helps it stay in good shape so it can deliver its best performance. Read on for the three ways you can do just that.

Keep Your Shaving RazorClean

Never allow shaving cream or foam to dry on your razor, and always remove any buildup of hair that remains. Make the process easier by cleaning as you go. Run it under an open faucet after every few swipes.

Use warm water to clean the razor once you’re done shaving to remove all that pesky stubble. Submerge the entire razor in the sink or a bowl and swish it around a few times to dislodge any stray hairs lurking in the corners.

Inspect the razor for any lingering traces of shaving cream or hair. If you see any, repeat the process until it’s free from your shaving traces. Pay special attention to the blade because this is the most likely spot for any buildup to accumulate.

If you’re the take-no chances type of guy, you can even apply some rubbing alcohol to wipe out any bacteria that could be hanging around.

Let Your Shaving Razor Dry Properly

Once you’re done with the cleaning, gently tap the razor a few times against your free hand to remove most of the water.

Avoid tapping it against the side of your sink, as this might harm the razor or damage the blade if you do it too hard. Wiping the blade against a towel isn’t also recommended because stray fibers could snag and be difficult to remove, which may cause damage.

Avoid leaving the razor at the side of the sink because it probably won’t dry properly there. Water droplets could land on it, keeping it in a perpetually damp state.

Most razors come with a stand or holder to help them dry properly, and these also give some level of protection. For best results, keep the razor and its case in a place where the ventilation is good because this helps moisture disappear faster.

Plus, storing a wet shaving razor in a cabinet or under-sink compartment could lead to mold growth or blade rust – which would waste your razor lest you risk a rash or infection.

Make Sure Your Shaving Razoris Safe

When picking the right storage spot, ventilation isn’t the only consideration. While razors are usually built as tough as the men who use them, they still may be damaged if they fall and land at a bad angle.

Find a place that isn’t close to any edge and won’t be accidentally snagged by your clothes or towel. Make sure also that it’s stable and unlikely to tip over.

If you bring your shaving razor when you travel or even to the office, make sure that you put it in a container that will keep it from being squashed by heavy objects. If your bag has a small side compartment that doesn’t have many other things in it, place it there instead of the main space.

Changing the blade isn’t just inevitable, it helps keep your razor safe for your use. Blades lose their sharpness over time, so you’ll end up having to apply more and more pressure to get a close shave. If you think that sounds alarming, you’re not the only one.

Experts recommend replacing the blade every five to eight shaves or after two to three weeks, whichever comes first. If you find this a little excessive, remember that your neck (and face) is on the line so you might want to follow this advice. Shaving-related problems, such as and , are also some of the most you can avoid with a good shaving tool.

For a great shaving experience, make sure to and wash your face using warm water before you begin. It helps open your pores, relaxes and loosens your skin, and makes it easier to shave. Wash your face to prevent bacteria from getting into your open pores.

When doing this, be kind to your skin by using a good facial cleanser like POND'S Men Facial Wash Energy Charge. It has coffee bean extracts that are packed with antioxidants and can repair damage from stress, late nights, and UV exposure.

A properly maintained shaving razor is the key to successful . Make sure to follow these tips the next time you shave!