Man with a clear skin.

Listen up, guys. If you think that a shiny sportscar, six-pack abs, or a hefty bank account are what women want in their man then, you’ve got it all wrong. According to from the University of Bristol, those with “golden skin” are seen as healthier and become more attractive to the opposite sex. Some women even consider good-looking skin as more important than having masculine facial features.

Now that you know this, you better start paying attention to your face. If you’re clueless, here are some things you can do to achieve bright, healthy-looking skin. 

Get Started on Skincare 

You’ve probably heard of multiple-step skincare routines that women do. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to follow it. Don’t be intimidated by the variety of products available in the market. You can start small and keep your routine simple.

Use a facial cleanser and not your regular body soap.

Regular body soaps might be too harsh on your skin and may not have all the ingredients you need to remove deep-seated dirt and excess oil. Try the Master Facial Scrub with Papaya Extract to do both while keeping your skin bright.

Finish your 2-step routine with a moisturizer that has SPF.

To keep your routine short and sweet, finish it off with a . Moisturizing with SPF daily helps maintain your skin’s healthy cells while protecting you from UV rays and preventing early signs of aging.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

One of the easiest ways to make your skin brighter is to drink water. Water helps reduce wrinkles and keeps your , making it look more supple and vibrant. It’s recommended to consume at least eight glasses per day. Those who have tried increasing their water intake have noticed a difference in the way they look over time.

Eat Healthy Food

A diet filled with fruits and vegetables can also support you in achieving healthier skin. These foods are packed with vitamins and nutrients to help improve your skin’s condition. Reduce your consumption of oily, high-fat, and high-sugar foods. Lastly, cut back on your alcohol as it can dehydrate your skin.

Sweat It Out 

Working out doesn’t only help you lose fat and build muscle. It helps you get , too! Exercising for at least 30 minutes every day improves the circulation of oxygen in your body, including your skin. If you’re not able to go to the gym, there are a lot of home exercise videos and classes you can follow online.

If you want to be the guy that has what women want, then taking care of your skin should be a top priority. If you learned from this article, share it with your friends! To learn more, read our article on the .