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Lifebuoy Mild Care Antibacterial Soap
Especially recommended for sensitive skin

Lifebuoy Mild Care Antibacterial Soap

About This Product:

Lifebuoy is an antibacterial soap that contains ActivSilver+ Formula that makes use of silver, one of nature’s most powerful germ-fighting ingredients and widely researched anti-microbial agent. It is a fast acting, highly potent active ingredient with a broad-spectrum efficacy against multiple types of germs and viruses. It acts on bacteria’s cell membrane, enzymes and DNA, and helps fight 99.9% of bacteria and viruses** through frequent hand washing and bathing.

Best for:

Bath SoapBath Soap for Men

How To Use:

  • Rub soap in wet hands until lather.
  • Massage soap all over the body. Rinse off.

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