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Rexona 3-in-1 Deo Powder Aloe Soothe
Be odor-protected naturally

Rexona Deo Powder Aloe Soothe for Underarm and Foot

About This Product:

The NEW Rexona 3-in-1 Deodorant Powder has 3-in-1 uses for 3-in-1 benefits. It protects you from odor and sweat, is mild and gentle on skin, and is non-staining on clothes. Forget alum powder for your underarms! This natural solution can be used as antiperspirant powder for underarms, feet, and back, so you can stay protected from odor naturally. It is made with aloe extract, for a soothing effect on skin.

Best for:


How To Use:

  • Twist cap to open.
  • This may be an underarm powder, but you can this product in multiple areas to help manage excess sweat and odor.
  • Make sure the area is dry and clean before applying to the underarm, back, and foot.
  • This talcum powder for armpits is also a safe deodorant for teens.

Talc, Potassium Alum, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice