Asian woman applying blush on cheek

Imagine the and nourishing properties of a balm combined with the cleansing properties of . You get all of these from — minus the irritating ingredients. 

Traditional makeup removers are a mix of water- and oil-based solvents that dissolve makeup. While they are effective, the formula doesn’t really clean your skin. It just breaks down the oils and pigments in makeup, making it easier to wipe off. Some alcohol-based makeup removers can also be irritating to . It’s also not very easy to wash off, leaving residue that can lead to .

Meanwhile, cleansing balms are formulated to cleanse the skin aside from . Because of its texture and how you massage it on the skin, it can give your pores a deep cleaning that makeup removers cannot. It can melt sebum, making it suitable for oily skin. On the other hand, it’s also highly moisturizing, which is good for dry and sensitive skin. 

Thinking of trying out cleansing balms? Here are five ways they can change your skincare routine for the better.

It Makes Removing Makeup Easier

Using cleansing balms is one of the easiest ways to remove makeup. For one, you won’t need any tools. No cotton pads, wipes, or — just the pads of your fingers. The silky formula melts instantly upon skin contact, making it easier to massage onto your skin. It can sink into crevices like the sides of the nose, as well as pores and fine lines, to lift even the most stubborn makeup.

It’s Handy and No-Spill

The solid texture of cleansing balms is a bonus. It’s easy to handle and carry around, in case you’re using it for work or at special events. You can use it anywhere, anytime — even in a moving vehicle — without worrying about making a mess. You can even scoop some into a smaller, sanitized container to make it travel-friendly. It also saves you a lot of money since a little goes a long way!

It’s Gentle and Moisturizing

Using cotton pads and makeup remover wipes can be harsh on the skin. All that rubbing can be drying and irritating. Meanwhile, cleansing balms are gentler because you only use your fingers. POND’s Cleansing Balm comes in a balm-to-oil formula that draws makeup from the skin like a magnet and makes it easier to wipe or wash off.

You Get a Face Massage in the Process!

Another bonus? Using a cleansing balm means giving your face a massage! You can use it even without makeup. Just take a pea-sized amount and use it as a massage oil — with benefits. It’s a relaxing addition to your that can also be rejuvenating and firming, states a study in the National Institutes of Health.

It’s Great for Double Cleansing

involves using an oil-based cleanser to remove product residue and dirt from the skin first. Then, you use a  . You can use a cleansing balm as a first step in your double cleansing routine. Unlike makeup remover, which doesn’t cleanse the face, a cleansing balm will give you a real double cleanse.

Cleansing balms are an excellent way to elevate your skincare routine. Using this gentle yet effective method for removing makeup, dirt, and sebum can help you get the glow you’ve always wanted.