Asian woman using a activated charcoal as a mask

Since ancient times, people have been using activated charcoal to remedy various ailments. This black odorless and flavorless powder comes from charcoal treated with oxygen subjected to very high temperatures. The process increases the charcoal’s porosity, resulting in a fine powder.

This sets it apart from regular charcoal used for grilling, which contains toxic substances (please do not put those on your face). Most activated charcoal is sold as powders and food supplements or incorporated into personal care and skincare products.

Activated charcoal’s porous texture makes it highly absorbent. It soaks up toxins and gases in the gut and impurities in the skin. These elements have a positive electrical charge that the activated charcoal attracts with its negative electrical charge to aid in cleansing.

Activated Charcoal Benefits

Activated charcoal has become a popular ingredient in skin care, including cleansers, facial wash, lotions, and masks. If you are curious about exploring this ancient remedy, a good way to test the waters would be through activated charcoal-infused products that have been tested safe to use. Here are some of its benefits for the skin. 

Draws out impurities.

Research on the American Journal of Emergency Medicine has shown that activated charcoal can draw toxins from the body. Hence, the porous powder often works as an emergency overdose or anti-poison treatment. When used on the skin, it supposedly draws out dirt and impurities from the pores, providing a deep clean to support regular cleansing.

Use POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Oil Control Facial Foam, which contains charcoal powder to help absorb oil and cleanse the pores.

Reduces acne breakouts.

Acne occurs when excess oil mixes with dirt and bacteria and . It results in breakouts ranging from minor pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads to full-blown cystic zits. Activated charcoal deep-cleans the pores and removes acne-causing bacteria while exfoliating the skin.

Try POND'S Pure Bright Mineral Clay Facial Foam, a facial wash that combines activated charcoal, natural exfoliating beads, and 100% natural Moroccan clay to give the skin a deep clean. It detoxifies the skin from impurities while providing a refining effect that leaves the skin smooth, bright, and bouncy.

Controls shine.

One of the main selling points of activated charcoal for skincare is a clearer complexion, especially for . The porous powder and its negative electric charge are effective at absorbing excess sebum and keeping oil at bay. This results in a healthy, dewy glow, minus the shine.

Explore the benefits of activated charcoal through skincare products that use this skin detoxifying and refining ingredient. Since it absorbs impurities and toxins, it’s best for managing and improving oily skin.