Asian woman with glowing skin touching face

Want luminous skin? There’s a face serum for that! Over the last few years, this skincare staple has grown, not just in popularity but in its ability to address all kinds of problems. These up and coming serums from POND’S, for example, feature an advanced formulation that makes your complexion brilliantly luminous from within — a must-have for Asian skin.

An Advanced Face Serum Duo for Luminous Skin

Compared to Caucasian skin, Asian skin is more prone to discoloration because it naturally has more melanin, which gives skin its pigment. Brown spots, acne scars, melasma, and skin darkening from repeated friction are common.

It’s no surprise then that brightening is one of our top concerns. POND’S NEW YORK Bright Brilliance Day Serum Essence Vitamin C PRO and POND’S NEW YORK Bright Brilliance Night Serum Essence Niacinamide is an advanced, clinically tested face serum duo that addresses these issues. It repairs and protects your skin complexion while addressing discoloration on the skin’s surface and with high-potency ingredients that you won’t find in regular serums.

If you’re looking to elevate your skincare routine, this is the duo you want in your arsenal.

Your Defense Against Dark Spots and Dull Skin

If you haven’t included a serum in your daily skincare routine, now is the time. These advanced and upgraded serums from POND’S are everything you need for brilliantly luminous skin. The two different formulations are specific to the skin’s unique and needs and challenges. Adding both to your skincare arsenal keeps the brightening action going through the day and while you sleep.

For best results, use this face serum duo with POND'S NEW YORK Bright Brilliance Essence Gentle Exfoliate and POND'S NEW YORK Bright Brilliance Moisturizing Face Cream Ceramide. Get the POND’S NEW YORK Bright Brilliance range first online on and select Watsons stores on July 1. Available soon on Shopee and Watsons online on July 15.