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Safety doesn’t need to be a massive ordeal. You can protect yourself in the simplest ways, such as wearing proper footwear, never skipping sunblock, employing correct workout techniques, or even practicing . These tiny tweaks – from fixing your stance in weightlifting to switching to antibacterial soap – can make a huge difference in your life, and you don’t even have to exert too much effort.

If you’re not using antibacterial soap already, read on to find out why you should make it a permanent fixture in your bathroom, stat!

Antibacterial Soap Versus Regular Soap

Unlike the regular variety, antibacterial soap has active microbial substances that defend your body against harmful germs. It washes away harmful bacteria and fungi, and its protective ingredients stay on the skin to slow down the spread of germs even after rinsing.

What Are the Benefits of Antibacterial Soap?

Nowadays, everyone’s always looking for more ways to protect themselves against germs. You probably have alcohol and sanitizer in your purse right now – and more in the car and at your front door. Do you stop at every sanitizer dispenser at the mall? It’s a natural reaction these days.

Antibacterial soap gives you the extra layer of fortification you look for. According to Harvard Health, most soaps cleanse pesky debris physically and psychologically. Soap has an amphipathic nature that loosens bacteria from the skin, making them easier to remove. Moreover, people spend more time rinsing soapy hands, thus guaranteeing that all the gunk is washed off.

Antibacterial soap does this as well. However, its extra antimicrobial ingredients stop whatever germs are left from replicating. That sounds good, right?

Check Antibacterial Soap Ingredients

In 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautioned against antibacterial soaps and banned ingredients such as Triclosan, which can cause . In response, Unilever released a statement saying that they have stopped manufacturing items with triclosan since 2015 and have phased out triclosan and triclocarban products by 2018. Instead, the company relies on other natural and natural-inspired antibacterial ingredients.

Start Using Antibacterial Soap Now

Ticking off all these boxes is Lifebuoy Antibacterial Bar Total 10. It has Activ Silver+, a unique and powerful germ-fighting ingredient that keeps you safe and protected. It now comes in a smaller 60-gram value pack to make sure you’re always secure and clean. You can easily or bring it during your travels.

For the sensitive-skinned, don’t worry. You’re just as protected. Lifebuoy Antibacterial Bar Mild Care also comes in a pocket-sized version.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over sanitizers and alcohol – that is, if you have access to running water. So, make sure to have antibacterial soap handy and put it on the top of your hand-cleaning list. You can never be too safe.