A portrait of happy woman sitting at the park with a backpack beside her.

The end of the year ushers in a deep appreciation for life’s many blessings. You’re surrounded by loved ones, reminiscing over sweet memories, and perhaps even making plans for the days ahead. If you wish this attitude of gratitude could last all year long, you can rewire your brain to look at the silver lining without ignoring your genuine feelings.

Not to be mistaken with toxic positivity, which forces you to be bubbly all the time, a life of is about reminding yourself that good things can come out of even the most painful experience. This approach benefits your in the long run.

If you’ve been listing down your thank yous on the Note app and you've come to a dead end, here are ways to help kickstart your gratitude journey and make it stick.

Take a Daily Pause

An attitude of gratitude can’t flourish if you don’t make room for your negative thoughts. Think of it as a two-step process where you acknowledge the bad and then focus on the good. Take a 10-minute break to reflect on your day, no matter how busy you are. It could be before bedtime or after dinner – whenever you have spare time.

During this break, write or say out loud what’s crossing your mind. Let yourself rewind any unpleasant events from the past 24 hours. No judgment or self-blaming. After you’ve reflected on these feelings, pivot your attention toward you encountered throughout the day. Only by embracing the negative and the positive, your brain will understand that both can happen simultaneously.

Be Thankful for the Small Things

Sometimes, you’re just going with the flow and all you can write in the gratitude journal is, “I guess I’m thankful for staying alive.” Nothing wrong with that. Because you’re free to decide what you should be grateful for. It could be simple things like your cozy bed, a delicious meal, or finishing up a difficult task at work.

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Use Your Imagination

One effective strategy for developing an attitude of gratitude involves creativity. Researchers call it a “mental subtraction” technique, which was inspired by the classic Christmas flick It’s A Wonderful Life. This practice can significantly and is easy to do.

Whenever something great happens, imagine how things might have unfolded directly. Say you just had a romantic . What if you hadn’t woken up on time? What if you had missed that parking spot? Exploring these alternative scenarios helps you gain a newfound appreciation for the actual outcome. In short, your victories will taste much sweeter.

Spread the Love

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude not only makes you feel more content with yourself but also . When you openly express your thankfulness to others, the gesture brightens their day. Plus, it shows that you value their presence and love spending time with them. Aww!

Don’t wait to pick up the phone and call your loved ones. If you’re not good with words, send them a thoughtful gift. Or, you can always say a short and sweet “thank you.”

Trust the Process 

Flexing your gratitude muscle takes practice, and it doesn't happen overnight. Make it a habit to give thanks once a week. See how it affects your daily routine. When you feel more comfortable doing it, you can increase the frequency to twice a week or daily.

That said, the most important aspect of developing an attitude of gratitude is being kind to yourself. Don’t feel guilty if you miss a day. It’s not a chore you have to complete, but rather, a self-care ritual that will help you find inner peace.