A collage of two women sporting pink makeup looks.

Pink is “in” and the Barbie renaissance is in full force. The theme? All-out glam. It's all about bubblegum-colored ensembles with lots of sparkles, channeling the OG girl boss doll. What better way to complete your 'fits than with a Barbie makeup look?

Does Pink Makeup Suit Morena Skin?

Contrary to popular belief, pink is a universally flattering hue for all skin tones. Women with morena skin can rock any shade, from dusty rose to the loudest fuchsia. The pop of color can bring out your eyes and the golden glow in your complexion. If you want to add a bit more flair to your “Barbie makeup” (, anyone?), try adding purplish tints like magenta and lilac. 

Barbie-Inspired Makeup 101

When it comes to makeup suited for a Barbie girl, there’s only one rule: go big or go home. Forget the predictable and casual, and drop the clean girl aesthetic (for now). Here are some tricks for pulling off a Barbie-inspired morena makeup look.

Prep your skin for that Barbie glow.

In the movie, Barbie's skin is always matte, even when she's rollerblading with Ken on the beach. To get that my-skin-but-better finish, start with your . A little goes a long way because you want the skin to be hydrated without looking too “wet.”

Begin by removing any oil, , and dirt with  a micellar cleanser. A clean face helps the makeup adhere better to your skin so it can last longer.

After cleansing, apply POND'S Bright Miracle Day Cream Normal while your skin is still a little damp to amp up the hydration. This multitasking serum uses niasorcinol to fade stubborn dark spots and smooth skin texture. The formula is super lightweight, making it an ideal booster for all skin types.

Last but not least, seal all the goodness with POND'S Watermelon Jelly Moisturizer. It's an oil-free (and alcohol-free!) gel moisturizer made with and vitamin E to give you a healthy glow lasting up to 24 hours. The best part? You can use it as a primer to avoid patchy base makeup.

In case you didn't notice, all these products are pink! The perfect addition to a Barbie-approved vanity table.

Get a sun-kissed complexion with foundation and bronzer.

Ms. Barbie doll has the peachiest skin because, well, she's made of plastic. Lucky for you, a medium-coverage foundation can help you achieve the same effect. Choose a shade closest to your skin and apply it in thin layers. Blend away with a brush or sponge until it covers your face evenly. For shading, sculpt your cheekbones, jawline, and temples with a bronzer to add a summery glow. Be super light-handed, though. The goal is to keep it natural and let your shine through.

Pink blush meets pink highlighter.

Too much pink? There's no such thing in the Barbie world. When it comes to , the trickiest part is finding a shade that complements your complexion. Pale blushers usually show up way too subtly on your morena skin and don't give you a healthy-looking flush. But the good news is you can have much more fun with daring colors like neon pink and burgundy. These hues may look intimidating, but they're stunning once blended.

The secret weapon to flirty and playful Barbie makeup? Pink, shimmery highlighter. It upgrades your whole look from 5 to 10 in one swipe. Dab it on the high points of your face, like the tops of your cheekbones, nose tip, and the inner corners of your eyes.

Bring the drama to the eyes.

It's not a Barbie makeup look if it doesn't have pink eyeshadow and glitter. To avoid a messy look, copy Barbie's doe eyes with a cut-crease technique. It defines the contour of your eyes, adding more depth and dimension.

First things first, apply pink eyeshadow on your eyelid crease. Remember, the deeper the tone, the better. Next, blend a purplish brown color on top of it and wing it out.

Here comes the hardest part: cutting the crease. With a flat brush, apply a generous amount of cream concealer two shades lighter than your foundation all over your eyelid. After that, glide glitter eyeshadow over the same area. Dust it with translucent powder to set everything.

Glossy lips for the win.

Your nude lipstick collection has no business here. The classic doll has been sporting pink and red lips for over six decades, and she won't stop now.

You can match your lip color with blush, eyeshadow, or even your clothes. Don't be afraid to choose a bolder tint than you're used to because, like Barbie, you're the main character here! And, of course, you can't leave out the lip gloss. It's what makes the Barbie pout so iconic.

Whether you’re planning to watch the live-action film in full cosplay or just feel like dressing up on a regular Saturday, these Barbie makeup looks are sure to get you in the mood for a party.