A collage of two women using fake belly button stickers.

Many people go to great lengths to have runway-model legs. Most choose fascia training as their preferred method, while a small percentage resort to the controversial limb-lengthening surgery. And then there are Chinese influencers who MacGyver their statuesque build with belly button stickers.

How could adding a second (fake) navel make your legs look longer? Ahead, we break down how it works and whether it’s a sign that have gone too far.

Yes, Fake Belly Buttons Are a Thing

Remember the temporary you used to play with as a kid? Belly button stickers share the same concept. Stick one on your midsection, wet the surface, and press it down for 10 seconds. When you peel it off, you’ll have a new, skin-like, waterproof faux umbilicus placed a few centimeters above your real one (which will be hidden underneath your bottoms.)

According to content creators on Xiaohongshu (China’s version of TikTok), these stickers are a beauty-enhancing tool for petite women. They create an optical illusion of a shorter torso and elongated legs – no workouts or treatments required.

But perhaps what sends them into the mainstream is that they cost less than a bag of potato chips. Even if you’re not interested in raising your waistline, the sheer affordability may tempt you to test them out.

A New Insecurity Unlocked

Stick-on belly buttons were initially hailed as a genius fashion hack, or an accessory you wear a couple of times just for funsies. However, the craze has also sparked a new wave of . Women are growing more aware that their navels may be too round, too fat, or too bulging to be considered sexy by societal standards.

The sudden fixation over belly button shapes is scientifically acknowledged. Surgeons at the University of Singapore analyzed images of 37 Playboy Playmates and concluded that has a vertical ratio of 46:54 and a small flap. In other words, an oval-shaped innie is the most attractive.

It’s almost silly to advocate for belly button diversity because why do we even care about the details of this stomach dimple in the first place? They’re hardly noticeable and often covered up by clothes anyway. And no, you don’t have to own a narrow navel or a or prominent clavicles to look hot for the summer.

Own Your Body in Its Entirety

Like many beauty trends, belly button stickers can be both empowering and discouraging, depending on how and why you use them. On one hand, they help you feel more confident when rocking . The length is much appreciated, too. But you don’t have to wear one if you think it’s off-putting. As one said, these adhesive tattoos are for people who wish to experiment with different styles and have more control over their .

However, the danger lies in using fake navels to . True, it’s normal to be self-conscious about certain aspects of your body. Even a activist is sometimes not into their looks. But when you focus solely on your “imperfections” and forget to celebrate your other qualities, you lose sight of your inherent beauty.

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Almost everyone wants to look a little bit taller than they are, and if belly button stickers can give you that satisfaction, go for it. What matters is you do it out of your own volition, not pressure from social media.