Long-haired Asian woman removes makeup in front of a vanity mirror

The bare-faced trend has been met with some pushback, but it’s not without some merit. Going for a no-makeup look (for real, no cheating with skin tint!) has its benefits. Could this be the break that your skin needs?

Letting Your Skin “Breathe”

Is this a thing? No, the skin doesn’t have any respiratory functions. To put it bluntly, the cells that make up the outer epidermis are dead — they don’t need to breathe. However, the skin does get congested from time to time, especially when regularly coated with occlusive barriers like primer and long-wearing foundation. In a way, allowing your skin to “breathe” is giving it the space to function unobstructed.

Occlusive ingredients in makeup include and mineral oil, which are not bad per se. However, it can be irritating on sensitive skin. By their very nature, these occlusives, also found in moisturizers, create a barrier that traps moisture in the skin so it doesn’t dry out. However, they can also trap sweat and excess oil. Combined with makeup and dead skin cells (and the ), these can and lead to breakouts. 

Results of a 2016 Biological Trace Element Research study found that ingredients commonly found in cosmetics, such as preservatives, stabilizers, mineral pigments, dye, and shine, can have allergic and irritating effects on the skin. Some can contain toxic metals such as lead, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, and aluminum, which the skin can absorb into the bloodstream.

The immediate benefit of a no-makeup look, that is, not using makeup at all, is not adding to the elements that clog your pores or subjecting your skin to ingredients that can trigger allergies or irritation.

Bringing Back Your Skin’s Balance

Just like leaving a forest alone allows it flourish, going for a no-makeup look can promote balance in your skin, allowing it to function at its best. For example, you may tend to over-cleanse the face to remove all traces of foundation and other substances. Over-washing can strip the skin of its natural oil balance.

Not wearing makeup say, for a week, means you don’t have to use stripping makeup removers or toners, too. This gives the skin a chance to recalibrate and return to its balanced state. It can also have positive effects on other areas you’d typically apply makeup on, such as the eyelashes and eyebrows. You may find that they’re longer and fuller because of lack of breakage, which is a typical side effect of removing mascara or rubbing the skin on the eyes.

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Finally, going for a no-makeup look allows you to appreciate your natural beauty! It is not to say that not wearing makeup is the superior choice — it’s simply one that depends on your preference, skin condition, and lifestyle.

! If you decide to go makeup-free, these are the benefits that you may enjoy, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.