Asian mom giving daughter a piggyback

Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May. So mark that date in your calendar. Set your alarm at least a week before. Clear your schedule. You only have one mother, and she only has one day for herself. Make reservations. Order a present. Note that your gift ideas for Mother’s Day this time around shouldn’t be the same as last year’s.

If we were you, we wouldn’t waste time on guesswork. You wouldn’t want to give her a pair of socks when she’s expecting a piece of jewelry. We got you covered. We asked some moms to reveal what they want to receive for Mother’s Day. While mom will appreciate anything, here are some gift ideas for Mother’s Day that will promote you to the favorite kid, friend, or cousin.

Personal Time

Gift ideas for Mother's Day don't need to be overly complicated. Many moms crave even just five minutes of extra shower time. Imagine how happy you could make her with a full day for herself. Lainey, 34, says she favors nothing fancy — she simply wants to spend some quiet time at home. With two kids under 10, her home has become perpetually noisy and messy.

“I just want to turn on the bath…or even pee uninterrupted! I imagine a day when I’m not rushed or not looking for missing snacks. I want to read a book finally. I can even clean and tidy up at leisure and for pleasure!” says the mom of three.

So, pick up the kids and take them to the mall so mom can get some much-needed R&R. Surprise her with a care basket in the bathroom full of goodies that  so much more enjoyable. Stock it with scented candles, detox tea, and even Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Dewy Radiance. It has Hyaluron and GlutaGlow technology that fade dark marks, refine pores, and make the skin luminous. A break will help mom feel more radiant and this Vaseline lotion will show it off.

Bonding with Family

On the other hand, some moms prefer to celebrate with quality family time. Cerah, 26, is still in the honeymoon phase with her five-month-old daughter. The new mom wants to spend every waking moment with her family before returning to work. “I can’t get enough of her! You know in the show Friends, when Rachel looks at her sleeping baby and says ‘I miss her'? That’s my life right now,” she shares.

Find ways to . Organize a picnic, perhaps? Rent a beachside Airbnb? You don’t even have to venture far from home. According to the parenting bible What to Expect,  is a great way to connect. It’s focused, sensorial, fun, and relaxing!

Equip your tub with bubbles, bath toys, and Baby Dove Hair To Toe Rich Moisture Wash. It has a pH-neutral and hypoallergenic formula and features natural ingredients. It’s as good for the baby as it is for new moms, thanks to its 1/4 moisturizing cream.  can leave your skin dry and sensitive, after all. If she’s been thinking of getting mom-and-baby products, then how about a mom-and-baby body wash?

A Thoughtful Skincare Line

When it comes to tangible gift ideas for mother’s day, look no further than great skincare products. Even the most low maintenance of moms dabble with a cleanser or moisturizer. “A woman’s skincare journey never ends,” says Nicole, mother to a two-year-old girl. “Your skin changes as you age so you’re always looking for items that evolve with you. I always appreciate a new skincare product because it’s so fun to try new things and !”

Make mom feel young and spry with POND'S Age Miracle Ultimate Youth Essence. It has three times more hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to stimulate your skin’s , reduce the , and hydrate your skin intensely.

Make it a mini beauty hamper with POND'S Age Miracle Anti-Aging Day and Night Creams. Being a mom is one of the best feelings in the world. Make sure she looks her best, too!

Something for the House

A point comes in every woman’s life when they move from enjoying beautiful trinkets to opting for more practical presents. “Once you get over the stuffed animals and flowers of high school, you begin the appreciate the gifts that you used to shrug off — towels, linen sprays, soaps!” says Shayne, 40.

The mom of two boys just moved homes and is always on the lookout for ways to spruce up her home. Reward her with a generous supply of Lifebuoy Antibacterial Handwash Lemon Fresh for every bathroom and sink in the house. It may seem like a simple gift, but it shows care and consideration. And it won’t sit on the shelf gathering dust.

Whether the mother is your partner, your actual mother, or a friend, you . The best gift ideas for Mother’s Day are always the ones that are personal, reflecting their wishes and how well you know them. It can be as simple as a lotion or as grand as a trip. So long as you put thought into it, they’ll appreciate any token you give them. And don’t forget to book a table at their favorite restaurant!