Local beauty boys seff francisco and martin rules

When it comes to breaking the gender stereotype, Filipino Beauty Vloggers and Content Creators, Seff Francisco and Martin Rules, have a lot to say. “I’m just so glad that we’re now more open to this matter,” shares Seff. “I want a generation where bullies and hatred are not tolerated in this world.”

“Gender is a social construct,” Martin adds. “And can be dangerous. It is the very start of prejudice and discrimination against others. As a non-binary, I’m so sick and tired of living in a heteronormative society!”

Examples of Gender Stereotypes

The Gender Equality Law Center defines gender stereotyping as an overgeneralization of characteristics, differences, and attributes of a certain group based on their gender. It creates widely accepted biases about certain characteristics or traits. Some examples of include the following:

  • Only women are allowed to be invested in skincare and makeup.
  • Boys like cars and guns, girls like dolls and dresses.
  • Women belong in the kitchen.
  • Women are the weaker sex.
  • Men are the breadwinners of the family.
  • Men cannot be soft, show emotion, or display any traits attributed to the "feminine."

But with a movement towards inclusive beauty, both Seff and Martin want to be at the forefront. It’s refreshing to see bold and brave statements coming from young content creators who have been using their platforms for years as a creative outlet—mainly in the form of skincare and makeup. “Makeup is for everyone. Your face, your rules!” says Seff.

And as beauty gurus who have the same passion for colorful eyeshadows, gold highlights, and bright lips, we sat down with both to get to know more about their skincare philosophies.

Seff Francisco on Self-Love

"I have combination skin, and my chin is the most sensitive area on my face where I get a lot of acne. I honestly get discouraged whenever I see pimples, spots, or blemishes. I think anyone who experiences acne problems can relate! Good thing I encountered the word ‘self-love.’ I started to question myself, ‘Is this really going to bother me? I think not.’ I’m just happy I get to accept and love all of these flaws.”

For Seff, learning to love and accept himself included he was born with. Since he has combination skin that leads to acne, he put together a skincare routine and religiously follows it to help address the breakouts.

If you have like Seff, you can try using POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Acne Control Facial Foam, which contains pimple-fighting ingredients like and – a that help prevent acne and brighten blemishes.

“As I mature, I start to think of the best way to address my skin insecurities aside from different skincare products, and that is self-love,” Seff advises to those who also feel insecure about their skin. Committing to a daily and nightly skincare routine also helped Seff achieve . “I’m more confident now in wearing because I know my skin looks healthy and glowing!”

Martin Rules on Prioritizing Skincare

As someone who has and often gets pimple and acne scars, Martin makes sure to always use mild products to help address these issues. They use products with niacinamide and , two powerhouse ingredients that regulate oil and respectively.

If you’re looking for a product rich in both ingredients, try POND’S Serum Burst Cream, which has a unique creamy formula that provides hydration and deep nourishment. After cleansing and applying toner, use this as your last step by gently massaging all over the face. 

When asked if ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide make a difference in their skincare routine, Martin gushes that it makes their makeup look so seamless and radiant. “I remember before, I didn’t really care much about my skin. My makeup seemed to cake more often and I would have to add more layers of makeup [to hide blemishes]. But now, I definitely prioritize skincare over makeup!”

It’s evident that makeup and skincare play a big role in both Seff and Martin’s lives. “It's very liberating to not conform with society. And I'm really looking forward to seeing the LGBTQIA+ community strive without discrimination and threat to their lives. I will continue to speak out and fight for equality to achieve that.”

Seff, on the other hand, shares that there will always be people who are firm with certain gender stereotypes. “Honestly, these things used to bother me. But not anymore. Just because you’re doing things differently doesn’t mean you’re wrong. I always challenge myself to reach my goal and use my work to inspire people.” And Seff and Martin continue to do just that! If you were inspired by this article, spread the love and share it with your friends!