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The principles of Feng Shui are not just for your home. You can attract luck by applying them to your beauty routines, too. Feng Shui is the art of arranging objects and spaces to promote harmony and balance. You can apply it to yourself to create harmony among your facial features and enhance wealth, health, and auspiciousness. Try using the following concepts in time for Chinese New Year. Who knows, they might bring you the luck you’ve been waiting for. At the very least, your skin will look great! Good fortune is forthcoming!

Smooth, High Forehead

Chinese New Year or not, the Chinese believe that the forehead is a wealth spot, and a smooth, high forehead has immense potential for wealth. In Feng Shui terms, the forehead is considered the first “prosperity mountain” of the face, which means a bell-shaped and high forehead is ideal.

To achieve this wealth, you must also keep your forehead smooth and . You have to take care of your skin and employ cosmetics that give the appearance of smoothness. Avoid headbands and hairstyles that cover the forehead since they block the flow of positive chi and good luck.  !

Moist Lips

This Feng Shui principle is also pretty practical. According to the World of Feng Shui, the mouth holds two wealth spots — the pearl of the lip and the mouth itself. The pearl of the lip is that small, plump protrusion on the top lip, which is inborn to some people. These people are deemed effortlessly lucky. Supposedly, it is also a beauty spot that makes a woman more desirable and ideal daughters-in-law.

The second wealth spot is the mouth, or rather, the state of the mouth. Regarded as an auspicious “river of the face,” a moist, soft, smooth, and plump mouth indicates money luck. Therefore, the lips and mouth should always be kept moist. are inauspicious as if the river of luck has dried up. So, hydrate and moisturize your puckers with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly — it’s good for you.

Strong Chin

A strong chin is considered a good “base mountain” for the face where wealth potential is stored. A prominent jawline and a slightly protruding, fleshy chin are ideal. On the contrary, a receding chin suggests misfortune in old age.

You may think, “Fine, but I can’t really do anything about my chin.” True: unless you’re willing to get chin fillers (a popular lunchtime treatment), you can’t change the structure of your jaw. You can, however, make it more prominent by sculpting it with , which removes toxins and waste from the skin and reduces puffiness.

Plump Cheeks

Cheekbones are also a wealth spot. Smooth, prominent, and shiny cheekbones supposedly manifest wealth and good luck. They should always look fleshy; the luckiest cheeks are those that are pinchable. also enhance luck. So, don't neglect your . Also, make sure to exfoliate your skin to keep it from becoming dull and sallow.

Bright, Shining Eyes

The eyes are not just windows to the soul, but they’re also indicators of health and prosperity. No matter what size, color, or shape, eyes that are bright, alert, and interested are considered auspicious. It also helps if they appear shining and a little moist. These suggest inner vitality shining through.

The state of your eyes can be enhanced with the right eyebrow shape. In feng shui, eyebrows must be arched and never straight to protect the eyes and keep you from “attacks” from negative spirits. Never overpluck the eyebrows to maintain the flow of good fortune. Since symmetry is also important, you can balance your features using eyeliner or makeup if one eye is smaller than the other.

Feng Shui Skin Care

Even if it's not Chinese New Year and you don’t believe in Feng Shui, you have to admit that these tips make sense from a skin health standpoint. Achieving balance, smoothness, hydration, and brightness are some of the key tenets of skin care — wealth and good fortune are welcome bonuses. To take your skin to its luckiest state, practice the following:

  • Cleanse and moisturize religiously (and not just on Chinese New Year). Since smoothness and brightness are lucky, take cleansing seriously and moisturize your skin to improve texture, elasticity, and plumpness. Try POND's Triple Glow Serum, a skin-perfecting formula that evens out skin tone, smoothens skin texture, and gives the skin a dewy finish. Protect your skin while encouraging collagen production with POND'S Age Miracle Anti-Aging Day Cream, which gives skin a bright, youthful glow. 
  • Try to achieve balance when applying makeup. Feng shui, whether in an apartment or on your face, values symmetry since it attracts good fortune. When applying makeup, you can achieve balance by not drawing overpowering eyebrows or doing a heavy smoky eye with a prominent red lip. These also happen to be basic makeup principles, so try not to overthink it and go with what makes sense to you.
  • Keep your eyebrows as natural-looking as possible. Eyebrows are a key feature because they frame the face and, in feng shui, protect the eyes. Even if ‘90s skinny eyebrows are staging a comeback, try not to overpluck yours and simply groom them well. Remove stray hairs and shape them with an arch to keep good luck coming.

At the end of the day, any skincare routine, whether driven by feng shui principles or not, should be driven by skin health. Are you planning to create a regimen inspired by Chinese New Year? Try incorporating feng shui goals into your skincare routine. Wealth and prosperity? It seems like motivation enough.