A selfie of Bella Hadid with wavy hair and cowboy hat.

This ain’t Texas, but Bella Hadid sure knows how to bring the vibe with her cowboy attire. The supermodel-slash-equestrian has traded in her baby tees and Bayonetta glasses for fringed leather chaps and ten-gallon hats, hard-launching the era of country-ification. And if you’re enthralled by the Wild West charm, you’re not alone. Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, and Kim Kardashian have all embraced the yeehaw-bougie style.

Because cowgirl core is here to stay (at least for the next six months), saddle up and ride into this trend with these easy styling tips.

The Bigger the Belt, the Stronger the Look

A chunky, vintage-style belt is an easy way to make a big statement with your modern cowgirl outfit. It also comes in many forms. There’s the metal and chain version, which honestly serves no practical purpose. Then, you have the leather disc design reminiscent of the . As for Miss Hadid herself, she chooses the classic leather waist-cincher with a thick, golden bucket.

These belts may feel a bit costume-y if you pair them with, say, a cowboy hat and a Western shirt. To avoid this, balance is key. Combine your big belt with contemporary pieces like a simple white tee, a mini black dress, or a tailored blazer.

Walk Tall With Cowboy Boots

If there’s one item that epitomizes cowboy attire, it’s hands down the iconic riding boots. They’re camp, practical, and incredibly comfortable to walk in. You can stomp them across festival grounds, take them to an al fresco brunch, or dance in them at the club. More than these, there’s something about the slightly angled heels and stitching details that exude rugged masculinity and at the same time.

A pair of cowboy boots goes well with almost anything. Got a maxi dress you love that’s just too dressy for daily wear? Or do you want to zhuzh up your basic ? Put ‘em boots on.

Bling Out With Hippie Jewelry

Cowboys have their lassoes. Cowgirls, on the other hand, capture hearts with eye-catching accessories. Think turquoise medallions (as pictured on Bella), gold bangles, signet rings, and tassel earrings. There is no rule on how much bling you can wear. You’re free to stack multiple pieces and mix metals for a look that’s bold and eclectic.

Don’t Hold Back on Denim and Leather

When in doubt, go for the leather-on-denim combo. Start with a good base, like a high-quality white tank, and match the color of your leather jacket with your belt. Bella took things up a notch by wearing brown suede sneakers and sunnies, adding depth and cohesiveness to her overall rodeo getup.

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Bring Back Indie Sleaze Hair

Your first instinct might be to wear with your wide-brimmed hat. That’s cute if you’re aiming for a look that’s a little more Oklahoma! than retro country glam. Otherwise, let your hair down in tousled waves à la . This grunge hairstyle perfectly complements the laid-back nature of the cowboy attire while adding a modern edge.

At the end of the day, the key to rocking cowboy attire is having a “no effs given” attitude. Don’t shy away from trying different pieces and combinations to create a look that still feels like you. If you’re lost, take these tips as your guide and then experiment from there.