Two Asian women having a spa day with mud masks, cucumber on their eyes, and rollers in their hair.

In rom-coms, it’s not uncommon to find your main girl relaxing at home or at a spa with a mud mask on her face and cucumber slices on her eyes. But don’t dismiss this powerhouse skincare ingredient as a mere prop! Read on to learn more about cucumber benefits for the skin and how you, too, can enjoy them at home.

1. Calms the Skin

The phrase “cool as a cucumber” didn’t come from thin air. Cucumbers hold inside their tough, protective shell, so it's extra cooling on the skin. It’s a common ingredient in products for sensitive skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties that help calm redness from sunburns, insect bites, and rashes. Need your skin to chill out? Give it some cucumber.

2. Boosts Hydration

Cucumber extract contains a higher concentration of that provides instant hydration and nourishment to thirsty skin. It also helps strengthen the barrier to lock in moisture and protect your skin from dehydration.

To hydrate your skin, look for products that contain cucumber extracts, like Dove Nourishing Hand Wash Cucumber and Green Tea. It is enriched with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream to nourish your hands up to 10 layers deep, making them feel soft, smooth, and cared for even with frequent handwashing.

3. Reduces Puffiness

Cucumbers are rich in folic acid, an active ingredient that can help fight off environmental toxins responsible for the puffiness around your eyes. This is exactly what your eyes need when they’re tired and swollen from or cry fests. Want to be the star of your own movie? Throw on your most luxurious bathrobe, lean back, put those cucumber slices on, and let your peepers soak in all the goodness.

4. Helps Manage Acne

Managing acne is one of the most underrated cucumber benefits for the skin. Cucumber extract can help soothe irritation and calm your flare-ups. It also has mild astringent properties that help refine pores, regulate oil production, and improve skin clarity. Looking to zap your zits? Talk to your dermatologist about a cucumber-infused skincare routine.

5. Anti-aging

Cucumbers contain antioxidants responsible for present in pollution, and other harmful environmental factors. They are high in , which can help facilitate cell growth and brighten uneven skin.

How to Use Cucumber for Your Skin

Many skincare products use cucumber extract as an active ingredient, but if you’re in the mood to DIY, you can do more than just put cucumbers over your eyes.

Enjoy cucumber benefits for the skin in the shower with Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash. It contains fresh cucumber and green tea extracts to deliver a delightful scent and give your skin that hydrated and fresh feeling.

After showering, continue your cooling journey with Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant Aerosol, a gentle deodorant for naturally fresh underarms, is made with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream clinically proven to give you smooth underarm skin. It has all the goodness of cucumber and green tea extracts and zero aluminum salts or alcohol that .

Here are some easy ways to maximize cucumber benefits for the skin from the comfort of your home.

Rinse your face with cucumber-infused water.

Add unpeeled slices of cucumber to a pitcher of water and let the mixture sit for two to four hours. Use it to rinse your face in the morning, or transfer some into a spray bottle and make a refreshing toner.

Make a cucumber mask.

Soak in cucumber benefits for the skin with this soothing face mask. Simply wash, chop, and blend an unpeeled cucumber. Use a strain to remove solid bits. Once you have a smooth paste, apply it to your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. Want extra nourishment? Add a dollop of aloe vera gel to soothe stressed-out skin. Do not apply this mixture to broken skin and don’t forget to patch test for allergies.

Add it to your diet.

Eat your way to healthy skin! Substitute chips for cucumber slices, which can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Dig in and get glowing skin from within by chowing down on nutrient-dense vegetables like cucumber. It’s low in calories and high in water, making it a filling and hydrating snack.

Cucumber benefits for the skin are endless. Thankfully, many skincare products use it as a key ingredient, and it doesn’t hurt that you can get it from the supermarket, too. Give your skin the cool break it needs with this hydration hero!