A beautiful woman applying face toner.

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize—these three steps have been the basics of for years. But because cleansing and moisturizing often get the spotlight, toners are usually overlooked as a secondary step. If you think you don’t need a face toner, we have lots of reasons to prove otherwise, starting with three: V, J-Hope, and Jungkook. In an interview, these members of Korean boyband BTS declared that a toner is a regular part of their skincare regimen—and given their flawless skin, that is no small endorsement.

A Toner can Restore Skin’s pH Balance

If you listened to science class, you would know that there are acids and alkalines; what you may not know is that skin is naturally acidic. Washing your face with soap—an alkaline—throws your skin’s pH balance off and then it takes a while for it to go back to its true pH level. This can lead to skin issues like excess oil. A toner helps speed up the process of restoring your skin’s pH-balanced state.

It Can Get Rid of Excess Oil

Greasy-skinned girls, rejoice! Toners can take away your perpetual shine by keeping . Just make sure to find a toner that’s alcohol-free to avoid irritating or drying out your skin.

It Can Help to Reduce Zits

Since a toner gets rid of dead skin cells, leftover makeup, and dirt that your cleanser leaves behind, it clears up the breeding ground of acne, a.k.a. your pores. Look for a toner with pimple-fighting ingredients like and . Use your toner after cleansing with POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Acne Control Facial Foam, which has Thymo-BHA to help reduce breakouts and refine the skin.

It Can Prep your Skin for Other Products

Think of your skin as a dry sponge: It won’t soak up your moisturizer if it isn’t wet. The right toner can hydrate your skin and get it ready to absorb all the good stuff from your creams.

It Can Shrink Your Pores

...or at least give the illusion of smaller pores. While you can’t really change the size of your pores, trapped dirt can expand them and make them look more noticeable. Get rid of the dirt and voila—instantly smaller pores!

It Can Protect Your Skin

Giving the term “face shield” a whole other meaning, a toner can add an extra layer of defense to your skin. By tightening cell gaps, it can prevent dirt and other harmful chemicals in the environment from penetrating your skin.

Now if you’re not sure when to use a face toner, it’s used after washing your face and right before . There are two ways to apply it—one is with a cotton ball or pad. Another way, like how Koreans do it, is by pouring a few drops on the palms of your hands and gently pressing it onto the skin!

Honestly, the Bangtan Boys already had us sold on using a face toner, but all these other reasons are just as convincing!