Asian woman happily standing under the sun

There’s something about sun-kissed skin that exudes freshness, adventure, and joy. When you have a tan, the world thinks you’ve been living your best life. But how do you get one without damaging your skin? The American Academy of Dermatology warns that even tanning beds are worse than the sun. So, what’s a girl to do? Here’s how you can safely get that golden glow.

Use a Self-Tanner

Self-tanners are a safe bet if you want a tan minus the skin cancer threat. While they’re a bit tricky to use, they can give you fabulously sun-kissed skin with a bit of practice. The trick behind an even self-tan is smooth, exfoliated skin. Use Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash regularly so your skin is always ready for a good self-tan. Apply the tanner on dry skin, washing your hands after each area. After application, dilute in wrinkled areas such as elbows and knees. Allow the tanner to dry before getting dressed. Don’t forget to apply !

Get Acquainted with Bronzer

Bronzer was not always a makeup bag staple, and it took a while before it became popular on these shores. If you’re a bronzer newbie, remember that bronzer’s purpose is to add warmth, not color. Therefore, don’t fill your face in like a picture in a coloring book to achieve a “tan.” Go for a glow instead by sweeping bronzer over areas that would usually be hit by the sun, and then dabbing the same brush over your nose, chin, and cheeks. Diffuse any hard lines with the same brush without adding any more product.

Embrace Shimmer Makeup

Adding warmth instead of color makes your faux glow look more natural. Shimmer makeup offers another way to do this. You can use powder and sweep it lightly on areas you would usually highlight — the difference is shimmer can come in warmer colors, such as gold, apricot, and peach.

Go with Nude Lip Color

Nude lip color can give the illusion of sun-kissed skin. While bold lip color choices draw attention to the lips, nude lipstick creates a monochromatic canvas. If paired with bronzed or shimmery makeup, this can make you look tanner than you actually are. Choose ones with hints of orange or coral — going too beige could wash you out.

With the right products and skincare routine, you can rock sun-kissed skin whatever your natural skin tone. It's the safer, easier, and more accessible way to achieve that golden glow.