Skin color has long been associated with beauty. In Western cultures, women love to stay under the , while here in Asia, fair skin is a coveted characteristic and is considered a skincare goal. However, more and more women are by embracing their skin color on social media and proving that every skin color can be beautiful and healthy. Take a cue from these Filipina celebrities on Instagram who by flaunting the color of their skin. Here’s how they are doing it.

What Is Morena Skin?

In the Philippines, morena (or moreno) is used to describe a person with brown skin. While the term's etymology may be a bit muddy, it's likely derived from the Spanish word "moreno," which means "brown or brunette."

Since the body positivity movement, the term has been bannered proudly by dark-skinned Filipinas who have long been under the shadow of society's . These Filipino celebrities are leading the charge by celebrating their morena beauty.

Highlight Morena Skin with Lighter Hair

There is a misconception that brown-skinned women cannot pull off lighter hair. Here’s actress Kathryn Bernardo, champion of self-love and being confident in one’s skin, proving all the non-believers wrong. The perfectly complement her beautiful brown skin tone. Other options for women include rich blondes and cool coppers. It’s a flattering combination that you might want to try out, too!

Take Care of Your Skin from Head to Toe

Ylona Garcia is proud of her even-toned, and isn’t shy about showing it off on social media. To to show more, start paying more attention to the skin on your body. Most of our are focused on the face, and the skin on our bodies tends to be forgotten. For smooth skin, wash with Dove Go Fresh Sakura Blossom Body Wash and apply Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion, which leaves skin deeply moisturized and noticeably healthier.

Morena Glass Skin? Yes, Please!

Who says is just for super fair skin? Morena girl Maris Racal shows off her glowing medium-toned skin that is giving off major glass skin vibes. This is something you can achieve, whatever your skin color, with the right and products. Cleanse skin with Eskinol Naturals Micellar Facial Wash Rose. After, apply POND’S Bright Miracle Serum Burst Cream, which contains that delivers a lot of hydration and gives skin a bright, dewy finish.

Complement Your Skin Color with Neutral Tones

Embracing your morena skin? Take style inspiration from singer-songwriter Leila Alcasid, who is all about soft neutral tones and natural lighting. Of course, you can go in the complete opposite direction and bring out the Day-Glo oranges, magentas, and neon greens to make your skin stand out even more. You can apply this philosophy when choosing color for morena skin, too! Whatever style you choose, do it with confidence. However, be careful with the you choose, especially if you have acne. Go for non-irritating materials to be safe.

Don’t Forget to Blush!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup and color like the multi-talented Gabbi Garcia, who always seems to be sporting a flattering pink flush. Don’t let yourself be held back by the misconception that morenas can’t wear pink — you can! Just make sure it has warmer undertones to complement your skin tone.

Your skin color doesn’t have to limit your , the makeup you use, or your personal style. It certainly isn’t a measure of beauty. All skin colors are beautiful, so wear it proud and take your cue from these inspiring celebrities. Learn more about skin to better highlight your golden glow.