Fit Asian woman lifting dumbbells.

Do you have an athletic body? Fashion catalogs may not always feature models with this body type but fret not. Your frame is easy to dress and style. The good news is you’re probably already confident about your shape. After all, makes you feel good about yourself. You’re strong, fit, and would slip into most clothing.

Now the question is: What do you wear beyond ? Look for clothes that celebrate your toned physique. You worked hard for it, so flaunt them in outfits you will love.

What Is an Athletic Body Type?

An athletic body has a muscular frame and little curves. This body type can almost be rectangular, which sounds unappealing but trust that it looks good in practically anything. However, if you want to accentuate or downplay certain body parts, scroll down for some fashion tips!

Flattering Outfits for an Athletic Body

Flaunt your toned arms and shoulders.

Do you love your shredded arms and shoulders? Flaunt them with pieces such as halter tops. These draw attention to your toned limbs and elegantly frame them. You can also pull off effortlessly.

Opt for floor-grazing dresses that drape on your frame.

Soft dresses and skirts that graze the floor create a nice silhouette on your body type. Go for fluid pieces that skim your frame, such as a fit-and-flare frock or a sheath dress. As a bonus, you can even rock a slit to show off your toned legs!

Don’t be afraid to play with some structured pieces.

All the same, don’t be shy to experiment with structured outfits. Layer them on any ensemble to add oomph and style. A would look better with contrast, such as a tailored blazer.

Use a belt to define your waist.

As someone with an athletic body type, you may likely have a straight silhouette with an undefined waist. To play or experiment with other clothing styles, you may want to adopt a belt to cinch your waist and create the illusion of contrasts.

Flowing silhouettes can emphasize your curves.

If you have a straight torso, simulate more shape around your midsection with a . Tops with elastic waists – with fabric that gathers around the middle – help underscore your waistline. Another way to create some contrast between your hip and waist is A-line cuts and hems that are just below the knee.

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Celebrate your athletic body with these flattering outfits that show off your beautiful shape in style.