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A fresh makeup look is achievable with any skin tone and skin type. It's not just for those who have clear skin — you can look fresh even if you have breakouts. Read on for some insider-approved beauty hacks on how to look fresh.

Get a Hydrated Glow

The key to looking fresh is hydrating inside and out. The Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology states that water plays a primary role in different skin functions. Individuals with lower water intake can display skin dysfunctions, such as a weakened skin barrier. If can't quite drink eight glasses a day, you can fake by layering serums before applying makeup. You can also pat a tiny amount of face oil where you would apply a highlighter like celebrity makeup artist Leah Darcy.

Go for the Drunk Blush

One of the key differences between Western and Asian makeup is where we put our blush — higher up on the cheeks and sometimes across the nose bridge. Inspired by the “Asian flush” and , you can see this look on Heart Evangelista, Bella Poarch, and even Jisoo. It gives the face a fresh, youthful look versus the contoured effect of applying blush right on the cheekbones. For an even fresher finish, use a cream or gel blush instead of powder.

Powder Strategically

Another technique for achieving a fresh makeup look is not applying product to your entire face. Veteran makeup artist Sam Unson-Gallardo explains that skin should look like skin if you want to look fresh. She recommends avoiding a full matte face to allow your skin’s to shine through. If you have oily skin and want to apply powder, apply it strategically to highlight your features and absorb oil only in certain areas. Generally, that would be your T-zone, the hollows of the sheets, and the sides of the nose.

For all-day freshness, cleanse your skin with Eskinol Naturals Micellar Water Glow with Natural Rose Extracts to remove impurities and excess oil before applying makeup. Set it with a face mist and spray throughout the day to refresh your look and protect your skin.

Mind Your Brows and Lips

With a fresh makeup look, the . For example, dry, chapped lips are a no-no because this makes you look tired. Too heavy and defined eyebrows can overwhelm an otherwise bare face and look too made-up. Take it from Hollywood makeup artist Nina Park, who gives HoYeon Jung a fresh look with luscious lips and well-groomed but light brows. To achieve this, prep your lips with a scrub and a lip mask to make them plump and hydrated. Instead of lining your brows, use brow gel and a spoolie to lift and groom each strand in place.

Anyone can achieve a fresh makeup look with simple techniques and the right products. Keep in mind that the key to looking fresh is having a healthy base, so above all, take care of your skin and stay hydrated.