A woman with a clear skin.

Brilliant skin with a dewy finish—think scoring this beauty goal is impossible? We've got a dynamic duo that will make it happen. With two easy steps and without the sticky feel, you can deeply hydrate and nourish your skin to help you check off your #DewySkinGoals. Find out more about these skincare must-haves:

A Hydrating Essence

A hydrating essence can double as a toner, essence, and treatment if it has your desired active ingredients. POND'S NEW YORK Bright Brilliance contains AHAs and probiotics that gently slough dead cells off the skin's surface, It penetrates into skin to combat dullness and help even out skin tone, while stimulating skin renewal, brightening, and refining skin gently. You can use it day or night to boost your skin's natural glow.


To use as a toner, pour enough onto a cotton pad. Then, gently wipe away dirt and oil.


Squeeze a generous amount into your hands. Then, gently pat and massage on the face. Enjoy the soothing experience.


Grab a few cotton pads and drench them in the essence. Place a soaked pad on dark spots and leave on for a few minutes to give your skin some TLC.

The Potent Power of Serum for Brilliant Skin

Make your skin look its best. Spot correcting cream with hyaluronic acid can help give you that smooth, creamy skin tone. In POND'S Bright Miracle Serum Burst Cream, hyaluronic helps your skin retain moisture. Aside from the wonderful formula, this product gives you a unique sensation. First, it feels like a lightweight cream and then it transforms into potent serum droplets. These are easily absorbed and they make your skin instantly hydrated!

A Spotlight on Skin-Savvy Ingredients

Need more convincing? Review the formula of the new Dewy Duo! It's packed with some of the most popular ingredients today. Boost your skin's moisture with hyaluronic acid. Reduce dull skin and large pores with niacinamide. And if you have dark spots, you can also count on gluta-boost essence to brighten the skin with regular use. Go for that dewy brilliant skin with these ingredients!

Reach your brilliant skin goals with these two powerful products. Give your routine a makeover and start practicing skincare to make your skin glow now.