Asian in ponytail and checkered shirt with hand on chin

It's unsurprising how Korean skin care has invaded the globe. After all, its principles are rooted in cleansing, hydration, and mildness. It feels very achievable. And, once you’ve found the perfect regimen for your skin, you can reach peak ulzzang.

Ulzzangthese days refers to some type of Internet influencer. Korean men and women would post their photos on the internet and have people vote. However, the word means “best face,” which you can freely interpret as your best face. Being confident and comfortable in your skin can do wonders for how you look. After all, it’s just your attitude manifesting physically.

Get your ulzzang on with these tips to coax out your personal best.

Straighten Up

It seems like an easy step, but one that many people overlook. Research has proven that proper posture can like it’s no one’s business. It relieves unnecessary pressure off your lungs, which allows your brain to receive more oxygen. Being able to think better makes you more self-assured about the things you say. A 2018 paper in NeuroRegulation also shows that straight-backed folks are less intimidated and react more calmly to difficult situations.

If you’re prone to slouching, . The physical, emotional, and psychological benefits are super worth it.

Love Your Skin

Your skin is your armor, so protect it, take care of it. Don’t hesitate to pamper your precious skin with cleansing products and moisturizers. You’re not being maarte or . It’s just good sense. Your skin is not only the first thing people – including yourself – see, but it also keeps your whole being together, literally.

POND’s Orange Nectar Jelly Cleanser and Moisturizer ticks all your skin’s boxes and offers a bit more. The gel cleanser not only cleanses and but also leaves your face soft and . The moisturizer gives your skin a creamy, – very much in keeping with that classic ulzzang look.

Do Something That Makes You Happy

Make it a habit to do something solely for yourself that . It could be a groundbreaking passion project, like finally creating that dream app, or simple, like bingeing on Netflix for an extra hour. Feeling bliss will light something inside of you that will come off as a to your looks and demeanor.

Compliment it with POND’s Bright Triple Glow Serum. Use two to three drops of serum and spread it on a freshly cleansed face and neck. It has a team of GlutaBoost C, , and that promises brightness, smoothness, and . Glow guaranteed.

Find Your Personal Style

You don’t have to be an Instagram stylista to show off your ulzzang fashion. Owning your personal style can amplify your . If you’re still figuring this out, leaf through looks from Pinterest or style websites. Pick out the ones that catch your attention. You’ll find that the common denominator will reveal your style preferences. Just and you’ll eventually develop your .

If you’re still unsure, comfort is always a great default.

When you’re gunning for "best face", you don’t have to pit yourself against others. Just find what works best for you, and you’ll be an ulzzang girl in no time.