Ayn Bernos, Filipino woman, shows off lip color in a selfie.

Nude lipstick is a timeless look that also happens to be universally flattering. Every so often, it goes from “classic” to “trendy” when a celebrity rocks it in public in, as they say, an iconic way. What’s great about it is it’s not just for celebrities or people with pouty lips. There is a perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade of nude for you and it’s usually the closest one to your natural lip color.

How to Choose Nude Lipstick

While finding the lipstick shade that best matches your lip or skin color may sound simple, it can be trickier than expected. Nude lipsticks come in a wide range of tones and shades – from rosy peach hues to dusky toffee and caramel colors.

The array of choices alone can be overwhelming. Too light and you could look washed out and pasty; too dark and it could be heavy to wear in the daytime. Then there’s the matter of your skin undertone: would you classify your skin as cool, warm, or neutral? Are you a pale princess or are you a ?

Ultimately, nude lipstick should be an easy go-to lip color. It should be versatile enough to wear on different occasions and with makeup looks. It's tempting to go for an iconic lipstick or one trending on social media, but the best choice would be one that suits you best.

In choosing nude lipstick, the best way to do it is to swipe it on yourself! It’s one thing to see the shade online and another to do an actual swatch and see it looks on your lips and skin tone. Makeup counters offer samples so you can safely try and test any shade you fancy.

Here are some tips on rocking nude lipstick and making it work for your skin tone.

Follow your skin undertone.

In girl world, “nude” isn’t equal to that one “flesh-toned” crayon in a box of 24. And thank goodness for that. Nude for another may not be the same for you – it all depends on your natural lip color, skin tone, and skin undertone. Allow these to guide you when choosing nude lipstick.

Are you warm-toned, cool-toned, or neutral-toned? One way to find out your skin's undertone is by checking your inner wrist. What color are your veins? If they look bluish, you’re cool-toned; if they look green, you’re warm-toned; if they look like they can be either blue or green, you’re neutral-toned. You can also find out based on what jewelry looks best on you: cool tones look best in silver, warm tones in gold, and neutral tones in either.

Stick to cool shades if you have a cool undertone or colors with yellowish or warm hues for warm undertones. Meanwhile, light or fair skin tones can easily pull off nude shades with a rosy or pinkish undertone, while those with will look gorgeous in beige or brown shades. And those with medium to dark skin tones can explore caramel or cocoa colors.

Create contrast in your look.

Nude lipstick is versatile, and you can play it up in several ways. You can swipe it on for a casual lunch date and wear the same product to a formal affair. However, you wouldn’t want to wear a nude lip with a . It’s best to create contrast with color. on your cheeks so you don’t look pale. For a dressy affair, play up your eyes with dramatic eyeshadow and luscious mascara.

Play it up with another nude color or gloss.

Here’s a nifty beauty trick. If you find nude lips difficult to wear, layer the shade with another lipstick or gloss. It can add more dimension to the look and perhaps even take the edge off. For example, a coffee brown lipstick base would blend nicely with a nude-pink shade that will give it a flattering rosy tone. 

Before wearing your preferred “MLLB” shade, prep your lips to create a smooth canvas. Use makeup remover to get rid of all traces of product and soften your lips. Want to take it up a notch? You can also try a . Gently rub it on your lips to exfoliate and smoothen them. It allows the lipstick to glide on effortlessly.

When , use a gentle cleanser like Eskinol Naturals Micellar Water Glow with Natural Rose Extracts, which nourishes the skin. Pour a few drops into a cotton pad and press it on your lips before wiping the product off.

Now you can rock nude lipstick without looking washed out or borderline goth. The perfect nude shade is out there – you just have to look!