Asian woman showing her skincare counter

Something about the New Year always inspires . Now is a great time to focus on self-care so you can be on the path of commitment and confidence for the rest of the year. This includes taking care of your skin, which means elevating your skincare routine and being more mindful of the products you slather on your faces. Here are some tips on how to take care of your skin better this year. 

Reassess Your Skin

An entire year has passed: are you still using the same products you were last year? The skin is an organ that reacts to various influences, such as your genes, nutrition, lifestyle, and the environment. For example, start using body wash for dry skin if the climate is chilly or if you're prone to dehydrated skin. The crucial factors are age and sun exposure, both challenging to dodge. 

As you build a new and better skincare regimen for the year, reassess your skin and be as truthful as possible. Are you still attempting to address or are you dealing with and dryness now? Do you need to add an anti-aging ingredient, such as retinol, to the mix? Is your sunscreen still serving you well, or do you need to upgrade to something more moisturizing? Reassessing your skin can help you choose better products for your skin to zero in on specific, updated needs.

Take Cleansing Seriously

Haphazard facial cleansing is a huge no-no — in theory. However, this is not always something you can apply in everyday life. It’s essential to start taking cleansing seriously if you want to upgrade your regimen and take care of your skin better this year. It entails massaging your face with facial foam for at least 20 seconds and switching to a gentle yet hardworking cleanser that does more than clean your skin. 

POND's Bright Serum Facial Foam, which has a tri-blend of micro-exfoliating foams, vitamin B3, rosehip seed extract, and 4D hyaluronic acid might be worth a shot. Together, these ingredients brighten, smoothen, and refine the skin, so you get a radiant glow just by cleansing. 

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing the face in the morning and evening and immediately after sweating. Make sure to rinse thoroughly, especially around the chin area where product residue can tend to build up.

Level Up with Serums

If you’re still not using serums on your skin, you’re missing out. More than just trendy products of the K-beauty boom, serums are loaded with benefits. A serum works effectively by deploying a higher concentration of active ingredients with every application, through a lightweight formula that the skin can easily absorb and hold on to. 

Because of their thinner viscosity, serums are applied after cleansing and toning, and before moisturizer for best results. If you’re unsure of , POND's Triple Glow Serum, which is suitable for all types of skin and skin conditions could work. It contains brightening Gluta-Boost C to fade dark spots, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and refining niacinamide, which also addresses signs of skin aging. One skin routine tip is to add this all-around serum for a more targeted approach.

Pay Better Attention to Your Hands

has become an integral part of daily personal hygiene. The way it’s gone from something perfunctory to a near-obsession for many is great. However, it’s also taking its toll on our hands. According to the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the hands are second to the face as the most visible tell-tale sign of age. Paying attention to your hands, especially when they're overwashed and frequently exposed to alcohol and sanitizers, is crucial.

Aside from , you also want to take care of your skin. Signs of aging on the hands include age spots and dryness, so it might help to switch to a nourishing hand wash that won’t contribute to this and may even help reverse it. Dove Nourishing Hand Wash Cucumber and Green Tea contains ¼ Dove moisturizing cream to nourish the skin up to 10 layers deep, making them softer and smoother with every use. 

You may not feel like you need to moisturize after washing your hands with this one, but still, apply lotion or hand cream if you can for an added layer of protection. If you drive, which exposes the back of your hands to more sun than any other part of the body, make it a habit to apply sunscreen on your hands as well.

Upgrade Your Bath Products

According to the National Institutes of Health, soap is excellent for attaining personal hygiene. However, if you feel that your skin needs extra attention, like it’s dry or more tender, you can take your soaping habit up a notch by upgrading to body wash, which has more moisturizing benefits. 

Try Dove Care & Protect Anti-bacterial Body Wash, a formula that washes away 99% of bacteria while moisturizing the skin from within. A bathing soap for sensitive skin, dry skin, and the in-between, it has Camilla Sinesis and Anti-bac dual technology to deliver nourishment while providing antibacterial protection.

Handle Your Skin with Care

Perhaps you’ve noticed that a rough approach hardly ever works when it comes to skin care. This year, try shifting to a gentler and more nurturing mindset, instead of trying to scrub, rub, burn, and peel your skin problems away. 

Switching to gentle, nourishing products is a good first step. The AAD also recommends patting on your products instead of rubbing them on. It prevents you from rubbing or pulling at your skin, with the bonus benefit of boosting circulation. It applies to using towels, too. Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel to avoid unnecessary friction and help your skin retain more moisture.

Follow these simple tips on how to take care of your skin better and stick to your skincare regimen throughout the year. Yes, even if all you want to do is go straight to bed. Your skin will thank you for it.