Smiling woman touching her cheek with her forefinger.

Mochi skin, the new Korean beauty fixation flooding social media feeds, refers to a complexion so smooth and plump that it resembles a chewy rice cake. What sets it apart from other skin trends (, cloud skin, glazed donut skin, we can go on) is it’s all about balance – not overly matte or dewy – which makes it attainable for .

If you've been layering cream after cream in pursuit of flawless skin, you can catch your breath now. The secret to achieving that mochi-like finish is using . Ready to try it? Here’s what you need to do.

Double Cleanse at Night

Your morning routine just got a whole lot simpler. Many Korean beauty enthusiasts preach washing the face at night and only splashing it with water in the AM. The objective is to keep the oil your skin produces overnight as extra protection against dryness and pollution. Of course, this practice may not be suitable for oily or acne-prone skin, which would benefit from a clean slate, especially before treatment.

Not washing your face in the morning means your nighttime cleanse becomes twice as important. Follow the using micellar water or an oil-based cleanser and Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Brightening Care. The latter contains 40% Active-Boost Serum and hyaluronic acid to rinse off dirt without stripping away vital moisture.

Hydrate Your Skin Immediately an Essence

No toner? How about an ? The mochi skin trend favors the less-is-more approach and focuses on hydration. For this reason, take over as a post-wash treatment to replenish lost moisture and balance the skin.

Thinner than serums but more concentrated than toners, essences offer much-needed replenishment without saturating your skin with oils. Applying it to your face right after cleansing preps the skin for drinking up all the nutrients you’re about to give it.

Get Your Daily Dose of Serum

Serum is the main character of any Korean beauty ritual. It’s an all-around product that's chock full of active ingredients to target specific skin concerns, from to . Some people layer them to reap customized benefits, a practice aptly named “serum cocktailing." But it's best to err on the safe side if you're not sure about how certain ingredients will react to each other.

The key is to pick a hardworking serum that can address several skin issues, like POND'S Bright Triple Glow Serum. It has the brightening Gluta-Boost-C (60x more powerful than vitamin C, FYI!), pore-minimizing , and ultra-hydrating . You can wear it in the morning under makeup for that lit-from-within glow or at night to help your skin repair itself.

Bounce Back With Moisturizer 

Moisturizer is a Korean beauty staple that seals in all the active ingredients from your skincare products and more. Experts recommend it for daily use because it helps balance the skin, reducing the risk of , a.k.a. extreme skin dryness, as well as excessive oil production.

Every moisturizer is different. If your skin tends to , seek out water-based formulas that are non-comedogenic. If you have normal to dry skin, shop for lightweight moisturizers with ingredients such as and squalane. A little goes a long way.

Indulge in Weekly Face Masks

It’s not a without sheet masks. This nice-to-have keeps your skin supple while traveling, after a busy week at work, or a night of partying. And with plenty of variants, from calming aloe vera to collagen-boosters, you're free to choose your own pampering adventure.

The true secret of mochi skin? Consistency. Do these Korean beauty steps diligently, and a silky, bouncy, and luminous complexion will be well within your reach. Just remember to consider your skin type and unique concerns before trying out any trend.