Asian woman laughing with nature in the background

It’s not rocket science: Smiling is good for you. Aside from instantly brightening up your face and features, the mere act of sporting a smile can trigger positive emotions and give your immune system a boost. The downside? When you smile or laugh often (which is a good thing, BTW), you become more prone to laugh lines or, in derm-speak, nasolabial folds.

What Are Laugh Lines?

The layman’s term is self-explanatory: Laugh lines are lines that form or become visible when you laugh or smile. We’re talking about those parenthesis-like creases that develop on the sides of your lips – the results of and elastin, a.k.a. structural elements that make up the skin. The repeated action of smiling or laughing, as well as the natural aging process, can cause these elements to weaken, hence the visible creasing.

And then there are the wrinkles around the eyes, otherwise known as . Named after little birds’ feet, they’re tiny wrinkles that spread out from the corners of your peepers. Like the lines around your mouth, these develop over time due to muscle contractions that happen when you make a facial expression, like sporting your signature grin.

To Erase or Not to Erase?

For most people, fine lines and wrinkles are bad news, as they’re signs that we’re getting – and looking – older. Hence, many go to great lengths to prevent them, minimize their appearance, or completely erase them in a bid to look younger and more attractive. Let us be clear: There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s something you want. To each her own, as they say, and you’re entitled to do you.

On the flip side, more and more people are starting to embrace laugh lines because of what they stand for: They’re markers of the happy and cheerful times in your life – like a badge of honor to remind you of a lifetime of joy and . And while these wrinkles mean you’re getting older, remember that you’ve been lucky enough to live a long life so far.

Embracing Your Natural Beauty

Need a little help in accepting and embracing your laugh lines? The key is to adopt a more positive outlook on aging and to learn to make the most out of your natural beauty. Here, we share some confidence-enhancing tips for healthier, glowing skin. 

Cleanse religiously.

Dirt, oil, sweat, and product buildup can slow down your skin's regeneration process, making you look older and faster. Therefore, regular cleansing – in the – is a must! A reminder, though: Make sure to be gentle. Overly aggressive washing and rubbing can damage skin and only make you more prone to the signs of aging, especially in the eye area, where the skin is the most delicate!

For a glow-getting cleanse, follow up your facial wash with a toner like Deep Cleanser Papaya Smooth Glow. Its micro-cleanse antibacterial formula removes deep-seated dirt, oil, and makeup, while pure papaya extract and work to renew dull skin and deliver brightening benefits.

Stay moisturized.

Aside from being more prone to the early onset of the signs of aging, hardly ever looks pleasant – it looks dull and unhealthy and can feel tight and uncomfortable, too. Make sure to keep skin hydrated with a rich moisturizer, like the POND'S Bright Miracle Day Cream Normal. Formulated with ceramide to lock in deep moisture and brightening mica to illuminate the complexion, it brings out your natural glow, taking attention away from visible wrinkles.

Get serious about sun protection.

UV exposure is responsible for up to 80% of visible aging signs, and it’s crucial to protect the skin from sun damage with a high-protection sunscreen – not just on beach days, but every day. POND'S UV Bright Sunscreen is a lightweight, non-sticky formula that protects skin’s natural collagen and prevents premature aging – so skin can look fresher for longer!

The Bottom Line

Daunting as it may be to accept the reality of aging, it truly helps to view your laugh lines as proof that you’ve lived and laughed – and are ready to live and laugh some more. So go ahead and make the most of your days, not worrying about where your smiles will result in a crease here or there. A happy you makes a healthy you, after all, and that’s all that matters.