Asian woman with clean, glowing complexion

These days, more women are embracing the so-called natural look for practical reasons. It’s just easier to apply, touch up, and take off. Others claim it also makes them look more youthful. Besides, there’s something refreshing about seeing skin and pores, instead of cakey foundation. To give you the lowdown on enhancing your natural beauty with makeup, we interviewed these makeup artists who shared their favorite tips and tricks. 

Map Your Eyebrows to Lift Your Face

Eyebrow specialist Astrud Celina Fernandez swears by this grooming trick. “I have my brows groomed every two months. Having my brows waxed surprisingly makes my brows look fuller; taking away the excess hair defines the shape of my brows making my eyes look brighter,” she says. However, this doesn’t mean doing away with shaping your brows.

“I make sure that I map my brows every time I use brow product to find the correct shape of my eyebrows. It’s an additional one minute to my brow routine, but it’s so worth it. As mine are not even, I love it when I find my arch and fill it in with brow product. It lifts and defines the cheekbones and makes the face look more contoured without using contour.”

The easiest way to map your eyebrows at home is to take a pencil and align it with the side of your nose. That straight line will tell you where your brows should start. Then, keeping it anchored to your nose, angle the pencil and align it with the outer edge of your eyeball. This is where your arch should be. Finally, turn the pencil further out and align it with the corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrows should end.

Keep It Sheer for a Natural Glow

Here’s a pro tip from Miss Universe makeup artist Ryan Wong: Keep it sheer and light for a natural glow. “For enhancement, my go-to products are tinted moisturizers or tinted primers. To add just a little bit of color, use a cream blush and lip balm for a sheer wash of color and a dewy finish,” he shares.

Most makeup artists now avoid full coverage. They just apply enough to even out the skin tone and add some glow to the skin. Keep the application of colors sheer to medium.

For radiance, prep your skin by wearing a sheet mask before applying makeup. It contains vitamin C that can give your skin a , as well as exfoliates . Used as a skin prep, a mask smoothens the skin and creates a hydrated, luminous base for makeup.

To smooth out any fine lines, apply POND’S Age Miracle Youthful Glow Double Action Serum, which is enriched with skin renewal actives to give the skin an instant glow. It also keeps the skin hydrated and nourished, which is key in keeping makeup looking fresh.

POND’S Bright Triple Glow Serum is also excellent at creating a smooth, hydrated canvas. Apply two to three drops and pat evenly on clean skin. It contains Glutaboost+, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid — the holy trinity of glowing skin.

Apply Product in Strategic Areas

One of the country's veteran makeup artists Sam Unson-Gallardo shares that paying attention to shade, texture, and placement can do wonders in enhancing your natural beauty.

“Have the right shade for you. Skin should look like skin, and with the right color tones and shades, it will," she advises. "Always pay attention to your undertones to choose what is flattering on you. Yellow tones go well with warm colors, while red tones for mestizas go well with cooler colors like blues and reds.”

She also recommends choosing textures that complement the skin. “If you have naturally , don’t go full-on matte. It will make you look like a piece of paper. You want to look alive, so products that make skin look like skin even with coverage are the best. Think mattes that still give dimension.”

Apply your products strategically to highlight your features. “Placement is key,” she says. “Identify the high points of your face — that’s where you should naturally highlight. On the flip side, recessed areas are meant to look darker, these are the areas you want to naturally recede (such as the jawline, hollows of cheeks, and side of the nose)." Sam advises people to study their facial features, believing that the best way to look great is when you still look like you.

Don’t forget to remove all traces of makeup at the end of the day. Doing this prevents clogged pores that can lead to breakouts and irritation. An oil-based cleanser is ideal since it can lift makeup and dirt, all while infusing your skin with moisture.

Take the advice of these makeup artists and try to highlight your best features by mapping your eyebrows, keeping products sheer, and applying colors strategically to enhance your natural beauty.