A portrait of woman wearing fur coat, oversized glasses, and leather boots.

TikTok spawns a new fashion aesthetic every season and typically goes from one extreme to another. Because last year was all about , it’s only natural that stylists are now kissing their Loro Piana totes goodbye for leopard print Gucci handbags. With stealth wealth being sent into the archives, the “mob wife” frenzy enters the chat.

To emulate that mob wife energy, you don’t actually need to be involved in illegal activities (please don’t!). Let the clothes do the talking, capisce? Here are some styling tips to keep in mind.

The Bolder, the Better

A “mob wife” is expressive, feisty, and unapologetic. Her whole fool-around-and-find-out attitude shows in every aspect of her style, which emphasizes vibrant colors. Red is the obvious choice, but there’s really no reason to play with just one hue.

Center your look around a different shade every day because why the heck not? Leave the khakis and ivories for and deck yourself in pink for Fuchsia Friday. Take notes from Fran Fine in The Nanny and finish your look with a big, bouncy .

Add Some Prints to Your Closet

“Casual” has no place in the mob wife’s closet. Animal prints, on the other hand, are a top-tier choice for this Sopranos-coded style. The wild patterns say “look at me” without being forced or tacky, if you play your cards right. The easiest way to incorporate them into your everyday ‘fits is by using neutrals as a base. Wear a leopard print bustier to complete your high-waisted trousers outfit à la Gigi Hadid, or go all out like Rhian Ramos and her snakeskin-pattern pantsuit.

Mix Up Textures

In the mood for a monochromatic ensemble? You can still stick to the mob wife fashion aesthetic by playing with different textures to elevate your outfit. Anything goes when it comes to clashing textures. You can either lean into complementary materials (like suede and cashmere) or build contrast. For instance, Dua Lipa pairs a see-through lacey dress with an oversized fur coat and leather boots, which shouldn’t work in theory, but the single head-to-toe color helps tie the disparate textures together.

Thrift for Fur

Few items have the I-have-a-vault-full-of-money vibe like a mink fur coat. But not everyone is lucky enough to receive vintage fur from their rich grandmothers, and buying a new one is not the smartest move, money-wise. The more fiscally responsible and is to shop for a . Check the stitches and linings to ensure there are no significant damages. Also, try it on. Is it scratchy? Does it fit comfortably? If your heart is not fully set on it, keep your eyes peeled for The One.

Gold Is Forever

Here are two jewelry styling tips for serving some mob wife hotness: flaunt what you’ve got and always choose gold. Of course, diamonds are more than welcome to join the party, but gold accessories bring a touch of elegance and a retro twist to any ensemble. Moreover, they bring out the beauty of .

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Sometimes more really is more, as evident in the mob wife fashion aesthetic. Whether you’re tapping into your inner Adriana La Cerva with smoky eyes and or paying homage to Carmela Soprano’s layered necklaces, the key element is confidence. When you have that swagger, you can pull off anything – cheetah print optional.