A portrait of woman in mom jeans walking with a cup of coffee in her hand.

It’s a known fact that pretty much every fashion trend has an expiration date, at least until it gets revived in 20 years or so. Take the ongoing denim war, for example. Just a few years ago, Gen-Z brought mom jeans back to “bomb” status. Now, they’re over high-waisted pants. These days, low-rise jeans are, as the kids say, where the money’s at.

Obviously, no one should feel pressure to wear something they dislike just because other people think it’s cool. If you’re not so hot about exposing your , don’t send your collection of mom jeans to the ukay-ukay just yet. Here are some styling tips to rock the ‘90s-style high-rise pants in modern times.

Mind the Proportion

Mom jeans are known for their relaxed fit – neither baggy nor figure-hugging. Pairing them with a loose top and a plaid shirt will make your silhouette appear boxy. You don’t want your clothes to drown you, so do everything you can to draw attention to your waistline.

Wearing a fitted top with baggy bottoms can help balance out the proportions in your outfit. Take a page out of Kendall Jenner’s book and throw on a strappy bodycon top to create a casual but sexy . Looking for T-shirt and denim outfit ideas? Barter the oversized T-shirt for a baby tee or tie it into a knot right over your ribcage.

Try Crop Tops

One of mankind’s greatest inventions is layering. For maximalists, it’s a playground where different textures, colors, and patterns can come together. For minimalists, it’s like a cheat code to look more put-together with almost zero effort. But since heavy layering doesn’t work well with mom jeans, wear a crop top to cut down the bulkiness.

How much is entirely up to you. If you’re a fan of casual fashion style, opt for a ribbed tank top and a leather jacket. To create a more polished vibe, break out your dressy cropped blouse. Add a skinny belt, a pair of heels, and a statement jewelry piece for more sizzle.

Forget the Full Tuck

So many ways to tuck your top, so hard to know which way is correct. Once upon a time, a full tuck was the standard. It was giving classy, smart, and neat. Today, tucking your shirt or sweater fully into your jeans will make you look like a middle-aged hausfrau from a bad ‘90s sitcom.

The French tuck (shoutout to Tan France!) is the fashionable middle-ground of the untucked and full-tuck styles. It involves putting only the front part of your top into your pants and letting the back hang loose. It helps define your waist without creating an awkward bulge around the hipline.

Roll the Cuffs Up

It’s always a compliment when people say you have the same taste in fashion as Victoria Beckham. She, like you, loves her mom jeans. Her trick to make the old-fashioned style look a tad more interesting is rolling the cuffs up. A fold or two is enough to give an illusion of longer legs, but be careful not to go too short as it will result in the opposite effect.

Go All Out With Accessories

Styling your mom jeans with edgy accessories can take your ensemble from tired to très chic. Combat boots and chunky dad sneakers are the clear winners when it comes to footwear because they instantly add a youthful flair to any outfit. That said, you can swap them for ballerina flats or heels if you’re in the mood to embrace your

Play around with metal accents, too. Stacked necklaces and shoulder-grazing earrings pack a stylish punch for daytime dressing. You can also mix things up with a kitschy bag to add a hint of quirkiness.

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Some people may think that mom jeans are out of season, but these styling ideas show that they’re a very versatile piece. Wear whatever you want as long as it flatters your body and makes you feel like the .