If you're (or shopping for someone who is), this checklist of newborn baby essentials should cover your basics. From nesting must-haves to tot-friendly travel gear, all of these thoughtful tools have one thing in common: they make mommy's life easier, not harder.

For Sleeping

Ensure you and your infant both get the rest you need with these nesting .

A crib, cradle, or co-sleeper.

Newborns sleep between 12-16 hours daily, so they need a safe place to catch those zzz's. Get a crib if your space allows; otherwise, a cradle works just as well, if on a smaller scale. It's more portable, too. A co-sleeper is another option that provides convenient access to your baby at night. It attaches securely to the side of your bed, so you can quickly roll over to feed or comfort your little one.

A baby monitor within reach.

Keep tabs on your newborn with a monitoring device. It allows you to see or hear (or both) your baby no matter where you are in the house. Peace of mind is always worth the investment!

A lot of convenient and accessible storage.

Eventually, the newborn-friendly items you collect will start to stack up. So, have an organized storage system for clothes, linens, feeding supplies, and other baby essentials you need to grab fast.

A comfortable chair for feeding.

This one isn't critical, but some moms appreciate having an area dedicated to feeding. A cozy rocking chair can help soothe a fussy newborn and make the experience more comfortable for both of you.

A dim light for middle-of-the-night care.

No one wants to turn on overhead lighting when their baby starts crying at 2 A.M. A dimmable lamp or nightlight will be gentler on your tired eyes while still allowing you to fulfill your motherly duties.

For Feeding

On average, most newborns need to be fed every two to four hours. Here’s what you’ll need.

A breast pump and a set of milk storage containers.

If you're breastfeeding, it might be useful to have a breast pump available. You can pump ahead of mealtimes whenever necessary and store the milk in containers (like milk bags) for later.

A rotation of bottles and nipples for bottle-feeding.

Whether you're breastfeeding or opting for infant formula, it helps to have a supply of clean baby bottles and nipples ready. You won't always have time to properly wash a used bottle, so having a few on rotation can make feeding a little less stressful.

A handful of receiving blankets, burp cloths, and bibs.

A receiving blanket is a soft, breathable covering that helps keep babies warm. Burp cloths are similarly lightweight, but they're usually smaller. Having both is handy, but the former is incredibly versatile – you can use it as a burp cloth in a pinch, too. Lastly, bibs protect your newborn’s clothes from spills and drool, so you don’t need to change them after every meal.

For Diapering & Clothing

Nobody likes changing diapers (it’s okay!), but at least these items make the process less messy.

A waterproof changing pad.

Changing pads provide a clean and comfortable surface for changing your newborn's diaper. You don't want whatever's in there getting all over your precious bed sheets! For maximum convenience, look for a waterproof option that's odor-resistant and easy to clean.

A steady supply of diapers.

How many diapers does a newborn go through in a day? The usual estimate is eight to 10, but the exact number varies. Every baby is different! To be safe, plan to have at least seven days' worth of diapers stored up at the start of every week so you never risk running out.

A few packs of disposable wipes.

Wipes are a lifesaver when it comes to diaper changes, especially on the go. They're pre-moistened and ready to use – no need for soap or water! Try the Baby Dove Care Wipes Sensitive Moisture: It has a mild, moisturizing, and alcohol-free formula that cleans baby bottoms without .

A dedicated trash receptacle.

Dirty diapers pile up, so you'll want a bin exclusively for collecting all that waste. Go for secure, hands-free diaper pails that seal off leaks, germs, and odors. Line with disposable bags for easy clean-up.

A set of lightweight onesies.

Raise your hand if you agree: Onesies are the cutest baby products ever. Beyond that, the built-in snap closures at their crotch area make these garments ideal for fuss-free diaper changes.

For Bathing

Bewildered by bath time? These basics will help you breeze through it.

An infant bathtub.

Make safer with a proper infant bathtub. They provide a secure, non-slip, and supportive environment for newborns, which allows you to bathe their small bodies without worry.

A set of baby sponges or washcloths.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving newborns a sponge bath until their umbilical cord stump falls away. Baby sponges and washcloths assist in the process and enable gentle yet more efficient cleaning vs. just hands. Plus, the soft materials offer soothing stimulation.

A gentle baby shampoo and soap.

Baby skin is delicate, so parents rely on special baby care products and formulas to keep it in tip-top shape. The Baby Dove Hair To Toe Rich Soothing Moisture 885ml is the perfect example. It's fragrance-free, pH-neutral, and water-like in gentleness. It'll help keep your little one's skin soft and supple with regular use, without using any harsh or allergy-inducing ingredients.

For Traveling

Traveling with your tot will be a more manageable task with these tools.

A convertible car seat.

No newborn checklist would be complete without a car seat! You’ll need it the minute you whisk baby home from the hospital. A rear-facing car seat is essential for their comfort and safety. Go for a convertible model that can grow with them. It’ll save you another trip to the store and a few thousand pesos.

A baby stroller.

Eventually, you'll want to be able to bring your newborn around to meet your loved ones, get some fresh air, and experience the world. A stroller makes that all possible without requiring you to carry your baby everywhere. Your back will thank you!

A grab-and-go diaper bag.

Lastly, invest in a diaper bag to store everything your newborn might need when away from home. Yes, diapers – but also: ready-to-drink formula or breast milk, burp cloths, a change of clothes, wipes, and more. Try to have it packed and ready to go always, just in case you need to head out fast.

Going shopping? Use this list of newborn baby essentials as a handy helper. Of course, feel free to add more as you see fit or remove items that don’t suit your needs. – and that goes double for taking care of your baby!