Asian woman smiling behind face mask

A no face shield life is upon you — are you ready for it? Is your skin ready? Admit it, you’re excited and low-key preparing for your big public upper-face reveal. Sure, it’s not that big of a deal, but with everything else being so serious, it’s nice to have a project that’s not so earth-shaking, like giving your skin a glow. 

Here are some ways to get glowing in time now that the government has announced its “no face shield” rule in certain areas.

Groom Your Eyebrows

The state of your eyebrows says a lot about your personality. Are they ? Microbladed? Plucked beyond recognition? Whatever your eyebrow style, make sure they are well-groomed and presentable. This entails removing stray hairs that can sometimes look untidy or growing your eyebrows out if you accidentally overplucked them. Well-groomed eyebrows also make your face brighter!

Invest in Quality Mascara

Have your mascaras gone stale over the past two years? Join the club! Open your mascara tubes and give them a sniff. If it has a strong chemical or fishy smell, throw it out. It’s time to invest in a new tube that will play up your eyes even with a face mask. Since you probably haven’t had fun with makeup in a long time, you may opt for a lengthening mascara with fibers to give the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. 

Clear Up Your Forehead 

Did you start breaking out up there? Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal, especially in times of stress. Since not wearing a face shield means exposing your forehead, it’s time to get serious about and getting rid of acne and shine. The most important thing is to avoid touching it. Don’t pick at your pimples and don’t try to scrub them away. Instead, use an , and don’t forget to moisturize.

Start using POND’S Bright Ultimate Acne Control Facial Foam if you’re struggling with maskne and other forms of breakouts. It has Thymo-BHA that kills 99% of bacteria, and BHA that removes dead skin cells and excess sebum, which can clog the pores. In between mask changes, use a facial mist to freshen up on the go. Choose one with AHA, niacinamide, and glycerin, which together nourish the skin while preventing breakouts.

Make Friends with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid

Look for products with hardworking ingredients that do more than just one thing. With the no-face-shield mandate appearing to be imminent (fingers crossed), your skincare routine needs to work overtime. Choose a serum with , like POND'S Bright Miracle Serum Burst Cream. These ingredients are excellent at healing and strengthening the skin while delivering other benefits, such as brightening the skin, refining the pores, and delivering hydration.

Never Skip Sunscreen

No face shield doesn't mean no sun. It doesn’t change anything — you still need to apply sunscreen on your face. UV rays are everywhere, even indoors, therefore it’s essential to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a good SPF rating to stay protected.

POND'S UV Bright Sunscreen is another hardworking product you’d want on your beauty arsenal. It has SPF, which protects the skin from UV rays, evens out the skin tone, fades acne marks, and brightens the skin.

Returning to a no-face-shield life and showing your face (at least the upper part of it!) is something to celebrate! Show off your skin with pride by following these simple steps daily. You are now ready for your closeup.