Smiling woman applying eyeshadow with a brush on her eyelid.

Curating your makeup kit can leave you feeling overwhelmed. While foundation and mascara are no-brainers, having the right tools can also make life so much easier. We're not just talking about brushes and sponges. Make sure to pack these unassuming essentials in your everyday purse or travel carry-ons to primp and prep on the go.


Lip liners, eyebrow pencils, and eyeliners dull over time, which makes a sharpener essential. While a regular pencil sharpener also does the job, it wastes more product because of its narrower cone and sharper blade. You’ll need a cosmetic sharpener to refresh your lip pencils and eyeliners. These will come in handy when you want to draw your lips more precisely or create feathery strokes to . Look for one with multiple cone shapes to fit even a jumbo eyeshadow stick.

Cotton Swabs

Ask every about their must-have items and they will include cotton swabs or Q-tips on the list. This touch-up tool can do so much more than clean your ears. Dip the tip in micellar water to clean any eyeshadow fallout or sharpen your cat-eye flicks. You can also use it to blend your concealer when you’re touching up or smudge the outline of your lips to achieve the blurry pout trend. The bottom line is you will never have too many cotton swabs in your makeup kit.

Curved Mini Scissors

If you have thick, (lucky you!), keep a pair of mini scissors in your makeup kit. But don't just get any scissors – use a curved-tip one specially made for trimming eyebrows. First, brush your brows upwards and snip the excess lengths. Be careful not to cut too much!

You can also use the scissors to trim falsies without pulling the lash bands. Cut the inner or outer corners to match the shape of your eyes, and if you have hooded eyes, use your scissors to cut eyelid tapes!

Hair Clips

Use to keep your hair away from the face when . A staple in makeup artist kits, the no-bend types prevent stray hairs from poking the eyes and getting blended with foundation. Plus, they never leave creases, which is excellent for preserving beachy waves or .

Bobby pins are great alternatives, too. TikTokers use them as makeshift eyeliner stamps — a game changer, BTW. These babies can also save the day in the event of a wardrobe malfunction. Handy!

Facial Razor

Did you know that on your cheeks can trap your and make your skin look patchy? Beauty enthusiasts address this by shaving their faces with an eyebrow razor – a.k.a. the DIY version of dermaplaning. Doing this can give you smoother and brighter skin, especially if you have dark facial hair. It also helps makeup stay on longer.

The facial razor is highly useful in between eyebrow appointments, as well. Shape your brows with this handy tool before putting on makeup. After every use, rinse the blade under running water and clean it with rubbing alcohol. Do not shave your face if you have broken skin.

Because shaving can irritate the skin, cleanse with a moisturizing, non-drying formula like Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Moisture Care. This gentle cleanser has which puts moisture back into the skin.

Scotch Tape

Another multitasker worth adding to your makeup kit is scotch tape. You can play around with makeup without worrying about fallout by using the tape as a stencil. Place it on the corner of your eyes to create that V-shape edge. This trick also works when you’re doing a cut-crease look.

Whenever you finish with one eyeshadow color, clean the brush with the sticky part of the tape. It removes the pigment from the bristles, so there’s no need to bring a separate brush which means more space for more lip color!

Travel-Friendly Containers

It’s always good to have minis in your makeup kit in case you need to freshen up. Invest in good quality mini jars and tubes to hold your skincare essentials. Pack a travel-sized makeup remover or some POND'S Bright Miracle Serum Burst Cream 20G. This tiny but mighty tube can give you a dewy finish instantly.

Keep these non-cosmetic essentials in your makeup kit to optimize your routine even when you’re on the road. They don’t take up too much space and they can save you a lot of time.